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Abilities are active-skills that a character can perform when activated by the player. Abilities come from skills, unlocking prestige abilities, tools, weapons and when a character has nothing in hands.

Skill Abilities[]

Currently, there are three abilities that come from skills and can be found within the in-game skills book. Characters have all of these abilities available at anytime.

Tool Abilities[]

Tool abilities are the basic abilities your character can use when equipped with a tool.

Weapon Abilities[]

See: Weapons

Weapon abilities are the basic abilities your character can use when equipped with a weapon.

Each weapon provides 1 or 2 of those abilities, which will require some Stamina to trigger.

Weapon abilities are displayed at the bottom of the screen and are activated by Q and E by default.

Prestige Abilities[]

Prestige abilities are powerful abilities granted to a player by obtaining a Prestige Ability Book (either from looting a dangerous enemy or by trading) and giving one to the ability's respective trainer. For example, if a player obtains a Vanish ability book, they may give it to a Rogue Trainer such as Wallace to grant themselves the Vanish ability. Players must also have ability points (earned from gaining XP) and also a high enough skill in order to learn an ability.
Prestige abilities, upon learning them, may be located in the player's Ability menu. This menu is adjacent to the skills menu.

A player may not have more than 3 Prestige Abilities at one time. If a player wishes to learn a new ability, one of the 3 currently learned abilities must be sacrificed.

Other Abilities[]