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Characters can complete in-game achievements by leveling skills or filling specific requirements, rewarding your character Titles or Renown points.

List of achievements[]

Category Achievement Requirement Reward
Skill Alchemist Alchemy Skill level: 30 Title: Alchemist
Animal Tamer Animal Taming Skill level: 30 Title: Animal Tamer
Archer Archery Skill level: 30 Title: Archer
Assassin Piercing Skill level: 30 Title: Assassin
Attuner Magical Attunement Skill level: 30 Title: Attuner
Bard Musicianship Skill level: 30 Title: Bard
Beastmaster Beastmastery Skill level: 30 Title: Beastmaster
Brawler Brawling Skill level: 30 Title: Brawler
Carpenter Carpentry Skill level: 30 Title: Carpenter
Channeler Channeling Skill level: 30 Title: Channeler
Chef Cooking Skill level: 30 Title: Chef
Defender Blocking Skill level: 30 Title: Defender
Duelist Martial Prowess Skill level: 30 Title: Duelist
Entertainer Entertainment Skill level: 30 Title: Entertainer
Evoker Evocation Skill level: 30 Title: Evoker
Fighter Vigor Skill level: 30 Title: Fighter
Fisherman Fishing Skill level: 30 Title: Fisherman
Healer Healing Skill level: 30 Title: Healer
Hider Hiding Skill level: 30 Title: Healer
Lancer Lancing Skill level: 30 Title: Lancer
Lumberjack Lumberjack Skill level: 30 Title: Lumberjack
Maceman Bashing Skill level: 30 Title: Maceman
Mage Magic Affinity Skill level: 30 Title: Mage
Marksman ?? Title: Marksman
Medium Manifestation Skill level: 30 Title: Medium
Metalsmith Blacksmithing Skill level: 30 Title: Metalsmith
Miner Mining Skill level: 30 Title: Miner
Ranger Animal Lore Skill level: 30 Title: Ranger
Scribe Inscription Skill level: 30 Title: Scribe
Shadow Walker Stealth Skill level: 30 Title: Shadow Walker
Sorcerer Sorcery Skill level: 30 Title: Sorcerer
Swordsman Slashing Skill level: 30 Title: Swordsman
Summoner Summoning Skill level: 30 Title: Summoner
Tailor Fabrication Skill level: 30 Title: Tailor
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunting Skill level: 30 Title: Treasure Hunter
Activity Ability Trainee Unlock 1 trained ability 40 renown points
Builder Build a house 40 renown points
Catacombs Explorer Open the portal to The Catacombs 40 renown points
Guild Member Join a Guild 40 renown points
Land Owner Buy a building plot 40 renown points
Novice Bounty Hunter Complete 1 mission from a mission dispatcher 40 renown points
Executioner Animal Slayer Kill 10 animals 40 renown points
Arachnid Slayer Kill 10 spiders 40 renown points
Demon Slayer Kill 10 demons 40 renown points
Dragon Slayer Kill 10 dragons 40 renown points
Giant Slayer Kill 10 giants 40 renown points
Humanoid Slayer Kill 10 humanoids 40 renown points
Ork Slayer Kill 10 orks 40 renown points
Reptile Slayer Kill 10 reptiles 40 renown points
Undead Slayer Kill 10 undeads 40 renown points
PvP Guardians of Eldeir Eldeir Militia Rank Title
Helm Militia Helm Militia Rank Title
Warriors of Pyros Pyros Militia Rank Title
Judge and Jury Kill 25 or more Outcast players 20 renown points
Murderer Kill 25 or more Innocent players 20 renown points
The Warrior Kill 25 or more players 20 renown points
Boss Kills Ancient Dragon Slayer Kill Vazguhn the Ancient 40 renown points
Ancient Tree Lord Slayer Kill Lord Barkas 40 renown points
Champion Slayer Kill 1 Champion foe 40 renown points
Cultist Emancipator Kill Cultist King Alexis 40 renown points
Death Slayer Kill Death 40 renown points
Crafting Carpentry Scholar Learn every Carpentry recipe 500 renown points
Fabrication Scholar Learn every Fabrication recipe 500 renown points
Metalsmith Scholar Learn every Metalsmithing recipe 500 renown points
Novice Crafter Complete 1 crafting order 40 renown points
Treasure Hunter Cryptographer Decipher a precise map 100 renown points
Fancy Treasure Hunter Dig one treasure chest from a fancy treasure map 100 renown points
Novice Treasure Hunter Dig one treasure chest 10 renown points
Fishing Angler Catch 1 fish 10 renown points
Golden Fisherman Catch golden aether fish 100 renown points
Novice Fisherman Catch a large fish 10 renown points
Sunken Treasure Hunter Fish 1 sunken treasure chest 10 renown points
Renown The Honorable Earn 1000 Renown points Title: The Honorable
The Glorious Earn 5000 Renown points Title: The Glorious
The Exalted Earn 10000 Renown points Title: The Exalted
Leagues Artificer Complete 1000 Artisan Quests Title: Artificer
Demonslayer Purchased during Corruption season Title: Demonslayer
Farrier Purchased during Blacksmith season Title: Farrier
Lightbringer Complete 1000 League of Dungeoneers quests Title: Lightbringer
Mercenary Purchased during season one Title: Mercenary
Outfitter Purchased during Fabrication season Title: Outfitter
Tactician Purchased during season two Title: Tactician
The Bargainer Purchased during season two Title: The Bargainer
The Betrayer Purchased during season two Title: The Betrayer
Bloodletter Purchased during season two Title: Bloodletter
The Broken Purchased during season three Title: The Broken
The Cold-Hearted Purchased during Frozen Tundra season Title: The Cold-Hearted
The Cunning Purchased during season one Title: The Cunning
The Heretic Purchased during season three Title: The Heretic
The Humble Purchased during season three Title: The Humble
The Mason Purchased during the woodsmith season Title: Mason
The Merciless Purchased during season one Title: The Merciless
The Pathfinder Complete 1000 League of Explorer quests Title: The Pathfinder
The Pioneer Purchased during season three Title: The Pioneer
The Procurator Complete 1000 League of Procurator quests Title: The Procurator
The Valorous Purchased during season one Title: The Valorous
Undead Slayer Purchased during Halls of Ruin season Title: Undead Slayer
Lore Celadorian Historian Earned by fully completing all catalogs Title: Celadorian Historian
Other Early Explorer Custom title via purchased content Title: Early Explorer
Noble Custom title via purchased content Title: Noble