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The information on this page is outdated. The ranks and the rewards described no longer exist. With point release 10 and the official launch of the game, the militia system has been temporarily disabled. All players that were part of a militia have been removed from it and it is no longer possible to join one.

In Celador, players may choose to pledge their allegiance to one of three major towns in the game. These towns are Pyros, Helm, and Eldeir. Players may pledge allegiance to their preferred town in one of two ways:

  • Townships, a passive pledge that allows players to earn Crowns by donating resources to their Township.
  • Militia, a PVP-oriented faction system that has players competing to control Celador and earn Talent for special rewards.

Townships[ | ]


A Township Board

Players may pledge allegiance to one of the three towns by locating and speaking to the Mayor of the town. Doing so allows players to access Township Boards where they may purchase and sell items with Crowns.
Players can only be in one Township at a time. If players wish to change their allegiance, they must leave their township and speak to the Mayor of their desired town.

Township Militia[ | ]

In addition to regular Townships, there exist Township Militia. Militia act as a faction system within Legends of Aria that vie for control over Celador for their towns. Militia players may actively attack rival Militia without repercussion and can earn rewards for slaying rivals and participating Militia events.

Joining a Militia[ | ]

To join a town's Militia, players must meet the following conditions:

  • Maximum attribute points 150/150
  • Must not already be in a Militia
  • Cannot be a Murderer (double check this)
Joining allegiance

Joining a Militia will also automatically make the player a member of the town's respective Township too. Players are required to give a minimum of 7 days service to the Militia before being allowed to resign.

Leaving a Militia[ | ]

If a player wishes to leave or change their allegiance, players must use the Allegiance menu located on toolbar at the bottom of the screen (looks like a red and blue shield) to resign from the Militia. Clicking on the resign button will trigger a 7 days notice period. After 7 days, the resigning player must return to the Militia recruiter to confirm that they wish to leave. Players will lose all progress they have made in their allegiance upon leaving.

Militia Rankings[ | ]

Militia players are ranked against their teammates and relative to their peers based on their standing and percentile.
Militia rank is calculated every day when the Legends of Aria servers restart. Militia players take a portion of an enemy’s rank when slain, based on the highest damage dealer to the victim. The higher the rank of the victim, the higher the reward.

The following table shows the ranks, percentile/standing for each and names for each rank within Allegiances:

Rank Pyros Helm Eldeir Percentile / Standing
Rank 1 Initial rank if active
Rank 2 > 10%
Rank 3 > 30%
Rank 4 > 50%
Rank 5 > 70%
Rank 6 2nd - 5th Place
Rank 7 1st Place

Militia Rewards[ | ]

Militia rewards can be purchased from the the Allegiance Vendor in Belhaven. The vendor is only available to the Militia that controls at least 2 of the 3 King of the Hill locations. Rewards can be purchased using Talent which is earned from events. Talent and the rewards are blessed and will not drop upon death.

Below is a table of all the rewards and cost.

Reward Cost (Talent)
Cursed Hearthstone 50
Lottery Box 3000
Flask of Mending 2000
Elixir of Holding 1000
Allegiance Cloaks 30000
Allegiance Mounts 18000
Godly Weapon Scroll 50000

Militia Events[ | ]

There are two different events that take place within the Militia system which are there to encourage PVP and to help Militia players gain Talent or access to the allegiance vendor in Belhaven and to gain ranking within their Militia.

When events are active, Militia members will be notified via a broadcast and a marker will be visible on the map to show the location of the event. There will also be a broadcast 15 minutes before an event starts. Players can check how long until the next event via the Allegiance window found on the toolbar.

Events will alternate between the two different types of events and will start randomly up to 150 minutes after the previous event has finished.

While Militia members are in event zones an event overlay will be displayed that shows the current score, time remaining, and a description of the event.

Players will also have the chance to increase their rank if they manage to subdue enemy Militia players.

Capture the Flag[ | ]

‘‘Capture the Flag’’ or CTF is a player-run event that occurs in each of the Militas' towns. Within the towns are flags that Militia may steal and take back to their towns to capture.

  • Capturing a rival flag will grant the player's Militia control of the rival town and will have their capturer's faction displayed on the banners of the controlled town.
  • Town flags are displayed to all Militia on the world map at all times. If a flag has been stolen, every Militia is able to track to the location of the flag.
  • The person carrying the flag may not fast travel via towers, Heartstone, or any other long-distance teleportation method. Furthermore, the flag cannot be taken onto private property.
  • When a town has recently been taken control of, the town's flag may not be stolen again for a period of time.

King of the Hill Event[ | ]

‘’King of the Hill’’ is an event where militia players fight to control a small area for 30 minutes. Militias scored points when only their team has control of the event area. After 30 minutes, the team with the most points wins the event. A player's team will not earn points if they are dead or cloaked in the zone.

King of the Hill will spawn periodically within the following areas:

  • Spiritwood Lumber Mill - Buff when controlled +15% Arachnid Resistance, +20% Lumberjacking Rate
  • Valus Cemetery - Buff when controlled +15% Undead Resistance, +20% Fishing Rate
  • Freeman Quarry - Buff when controlled +15% Demon/Animal Resistance, +20% Mining Rate

History[ | ]

Prior to Early Access v0.9.2, there existed 3 allegiances in the world of Celador who compete impress their gods and earn their favor in return for rewards. Players could join these old Allegiances by finding an Allegiance leader in the town associated with that allegiance. These old Allegiance leaders were later repurposed into the new Township Militia.

Old Allegiances
Allegiance Town Badge Leader

Pyros Landing

Pyrosbadge Pyros agent


Tethys Tehtysrecruiter

Eldeir Village

Ebris Ebrisrecruiter
Lost Spirit
Lost Spirit
Type Allegiance Mob
Hostile No
Taming N/A
HP 1000

Cleansing Spirits[ | ]

Cleansing Spirits was a 30 minute event that takes place in large designated zones. Allegiance players had to compete to hunt down Lost Spirits and cleanse the area of them.

Spirits would spawn continuously for the whole event time. Players would earn allegiance currency, then called Salt, based on the damage they dealt to spirits. Salt could then be used to purchase Allegiance rewards.

Cleansing Spirits used to occur periodically in the following locations:

  • Pyros Outskirts
  • Valus Outskirts
  • Everdale Farms
  • Grim’s Cove
  • Central Black Forest
  • Scaled Path