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Reason: "Was the appearance of these horses changed when Allegiances were revamped?"
Allegiance Mounts
Allegiance Mounts
Allegiance Reward
Weight: 1
Sells for 18000 Talent

Allegiance Horses are a reward purchased from the Allegiance Merchant using Talent. This item is blessed.

There is a Horse for each allegiance: Pyros, Helm, and Eldeir. These horses may be used to help identify which allegiance the rider is a part of. The horses may also instead be used as a piece of vanity to show off the rider's amount of Talent.

When purchased from the vendor, the mount will drop into your backpack as a statue and works like an Ethereal Horse. Much like the Ethereal Horse, Allegiance Horses will eventually break and need replacing.


Allegiance Horses can be purchased from the Allegiance Merchant using Talent.

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