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Animal Lore

Animal Lore is a player's knowledge of animals. It determines a player's ability to control/command animals and adds a bonus to healing a player's pets. This skill can be gained by taming and bandaging animals. In general, the amount of Animal Lore suggested for a pet is equivalent to the amount of Animal Taming required to tame the pet.

Healing your pet[ | ]

In order to heal your pet more successfully it requires on of either Healing or Manifestation and Animal Lore Skill. You will need the following level of those skills to have a chance to successfully preform the following healing on your pets.

  • 60 in order to cure pets
  • 80 in order to resurrect pets

Helpful Tips[ | ]

  • Animal Lore is to pets as Vigor is to players in the sense that at 60 Animal Lore you can cure poison on your pet, and at 80 Animal Lore, you can resurrect your pet from the dead.
  • Insufficient Animal Lore relative to your pet's required Animal Lore can cause your pet to refuse to listen to your commands. Commands are chat based orders that you can give your pet.
  • See Animal Taming or Beastmastery for details on the commands you can give your pet as well as the optimal level of Animal Lore suggested for each tame-able creature.
  • It is possible to tame a creature even if you don't have the required Animal Lore to control/command the creature.

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your animal lore skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

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