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Aria was once a great world, watched over by the gods Lili and Eve. It was shattered in an apocalyptic event by a malicious race of gods known as the Xor. The world that players inhabit, Celador, is only a piece of the ruined Aria floating in the void.

  • Celador - Shard of the Humans
  • Catacombs - Shard of the Dead
  • Tower of Babel - Shard of Legends
  • Colosseum - Shard of Glory
  • Terminus - Shard of Horrors
  • Londinium - Shard of Technology


  • Uaran - Pre-Alpha Test Map

Map (Shard)[]

a Map is also called a Shard (a territory that can be accessed without any further "loading")

  • Official Maps (Shards):
  • see Shard-List above(!)
  • Custom Maps (Shards):
  • Players need "Shard-God" rights given by the "Cluster-God" (Administrator) to change the map/environment!
  • Maps can be totally modified:
-by using existing NPCs/Objects as they get used on the official Servers
-by adding new content/design/templates/.. (almost endless possibilities)
  • Shards (Maps) get linked to other Shards via Teleporters