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Used to heal wounds.
Cooldown 13 seconds
Weight: 1
Sells for 10 gold (10 stack)

Bandages are consumable items. The amount a bandage will heal for is determined by a character's vigor and healing skill.


Bandages can be bought, crafted, or acquired as loot from chests and mobs.

Bandage vendor.png


Bandages can be bought from a Trader NPC located at General Stores in one of the major cities, they cost 1 Gold per bandage and are sold in quantities of up to 9999.


Create Bandages by using a hunting knife on the Bolts of Cloth (equip the knife, then use the ability at the bottom of the screen). Each bolt of cloth will yield 5 bandages, this requires no skill.

Bolts of cloth[]

Bolts of Cloth crafted from Cotton which will require the Fabrication skill.

  1. Collect Cotton (e.g. at Eldeir Village farm next to the marketplace or in Pyros' Landing (just outside the north gate).
  2. Go to a Loom, use the Cotton to craft the cloth. Each Cotton will produce 5 Cloth on sucess.


While not a significant source, bandages can be found in lockpicking boxes or as loot on these mobs:

Low Drop High Drop

Bandit Leader



Scaled Lizardman

Ork Warrior


Pirate Boss


Rebel General

Cultist Honor Guard

Cultist King Alexis

Goblin Captain

Ork Lord


To use bandages, right-click on them, select "Use", and select a target to heal. Alternately, players can drag the bandages to a hotbar slot for quicker use. When selecting a target, "G" is the default for targeting oneself.

Usage triggers chance of increasing Healing, Vigor, and Animal Lore skills, depending on the target being healed.