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Beastmastery is a player's skill to increase animal and beasts damage. Beasts are powerful creatures that aid in combat. You can begin training Beastmastery through using any tame-able animal in combat against a creature of similar skill level.

The skill listed in the table below is the required Animal Taming needed to tame the beast as well as the optimal Beastmastery skill needed in order to control it. However, your Beastmastery does not have to match your Animal Taming in order to tame it or have it transferred to you.

Commands[ | ]

If you open your skill book and select Animal Taming, there is a skill associated with it called command pet. You can use this skill to tell your pets to attack without using the chat command. If you click on an individual pet with the skill first, it will command only that pet to attack instead of making them all attack. Additionally, if you use the skill and click on the somewhere on the ground, it will tell your pets to move to that location. This is very convenient when your pets are in the way of a corpse or a doorway that you are having trouble clicking on. Also, this skill is useful when you are dismounted from a packhorse and want to attack with your pet(s) but do not want to command your packhorse to attack. However, the command has a 1-sec global cooldown; the chat-based commands do not have cooldowns.

Chat based taming commands are:

  • all follow [me] - If used without the keyword 'me' you can select the target that you want your pet to follow. Using the keyword 'me' will make the pet follow yourself.
  • all kill or all attack - Once used, you need to select the target you want your pet to attack.
  • all stay - Tells your pet not to move.
  • all stop - Commands your pet to stop whatever action it is currently doing.
  • all guard [me] - Commands your pet to protect a target. It will only attack if the target it is guarding is attacked. This will cause it to switch targets if it was previously attacking something else.
  • all go - Allows you to move your pet to the desired location. Similar to using the Animal Taming skill command pet.

You can also use an individual pet's name to command just one pet instead of saying all. For example: "Fluffy attack", "Bob follow me", etc.

Custom Commands[ | ]


You can create can create custom commands for your hot bar that will allow you to control you pets. Follow the step by step guide to create any of the above commands.

  1. type "/custom" You will be greeted with the Custom command UI.
  2. type the command you want to say but include the word "Say" at the beginning example: say all kill will create the command "All Kill".
  3. Press update
  4. Select an icon you wish to assign to that command from the button on the custom command UI for example Customcommand2
  5. Drag your chosen icon to the hotbar on the left of the screen

Helpful Tips[ | ]

  • Beastmastery increases similar to melee skills. It is based on the level of the mob you are attacking-- not the level of the pet.
  • Each hit from a pet is a chance to increase your skill. Therefore, the more pets you have, the more likely you are to get a skill gain.
  • You can train Beastmastery up to 90 by having your pets hit Trolls. (However, it slows down a lot after 75+.)
  • Your Beastmastery does NOT have to match your Animal Taming/Animal Lore in order to tame or have a beast transferred to you.
  • 100 Beastmastery gives your pet a 250-300% damage increased versus 0 Beastmastery. At 0 Beastmastery you do about 30-40% of the damage you could do at 100 Beastmastery.
  • The NPC mission "The Ground Shakes" will raise beastmastery to 100 (both Bugbears and bonfires can trigger skill gain).
  • See Animal Taming for additional helpful tips related to taming.