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Beta v0.6.1
Date 29 January 2018
Version 0.6.1
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Alpha v0.4.5 Beta v0.6.3

New city: Helm[]

  • Large peaceful and very scenic city
  • Mining / Crafting City
  • Conveniently close to many large mining caves
  • Coastline great for fishing
  • Resides in the Eastern Frontier

New city: Pyros Landing[]

  • Compact bustling and very utilitarian city
  • Monster Hunting / Faction City
  • Sits on the southern tip of the Southern Rim
  • Great area for mid level lumberjacking

New area: Eastern Frontier[]

Catacombs is reopened![]

  • Revamped loot / monsters updated for Legends of Aria
  • Requires skulls dropped from Ruin, Deception and Contempt (rare drop on any mob)

Additional undead world dungeon opened: Contempt[]

  • Contains the boss Kho, General of Demons

Mob loot changes[]

  • Loot has been adjusted across all mobs
  • Low end scroll drop rate has been increased
  • Mobs were granted new abilities


  • Guard Zones refactored to support new towns
  • Guards will now run to the aid of people who are being meteored
  • Guards are much harder to evade
  • More guard towers added along main paths
  • Guards in the Oasis and Outpost are now neutral (They will defend anyone who is attacked)


  • Subregion names have been added and your current region is now displayed under the mini-map
  • Reduced the number of main roads to only the roads the connect cities
  • Main Roads are marked with braziers and are much wider than normal paths
  • Unique landmarks added around the world

Teleport towers[]

  • Teleport towers have been moved closer to cities
  • Teleport tower mages are now invulnerable
  • Teleport tower mages now instakill aggressors nearby
  • Added the ability to recall and portal off runes that are purchased from teleport tower mages

UI Overhaul[]

  • Skinned windows to LoA UI theme
  • New character window
  • Revamped skills window
  • New ability window
  • Minimal game HUD
  • Spell bar now supports 20 spells / abilities
  • Region name and guard protection status added to the game HUD
  • Container UI has been minimalized
  • Corpses now open as coffins instead of backpacks
  • Items in containers like your backpack have been scaled and rotated so they look correct

Combat changes[]

Healing changes[]

  • Bandages now apply instantly
  • Recently bandaged debuff reduced to 13 seconds
  • Salve now functions like gauze did previously (gauze is now useless)

Spell changes[]

  • Casting recovering removed
  • Releasing a spell while stunned will now fizzle the spell
  • Spell damage was modified

Mana changes[]

  • Increased the amount of mana gained from intelligence
  • Added 'Focus' to the Staff, Stave, and Spell Book
    • Focus is an active mana regen ability based off of a players channelling skill
  • Passive mana regeneration rates are now based on a players channelling skill, and current armor equipped
  • Passive mana regeneration has been removed from robes

Weapon changes[]

  • Damage now scales from equipped weapon for Stab, Slash, Bash, Powershot, Overpower
  • Modified weapon damage and attack speeds
  • Nerfed 'Stab' damage on daggers from x4 to x3

Ability system[]

  • Ability exp grants ability points which are used to unlock abilities
  • Abilities are now dragged to the spell bar instead of automatically appearing at the bottom
  • Knight charge now requires heavy armor equipped to perform
  • Stun strike now has a radius of 5
  • Reduced Rogue Backstab damage to 50/70/90

Karma system[]

  • Old criminal system removed
  • All names (except ImportantNpcs) are color dependent on their karma, conflict applies to all mobiles, karma applies to all mobiles, can gain karma by killing mobs with red names
  • Conflict icons
    • Aggressor icon shows when you can attack someone with no karma penalty (Since they have started a fight)
    • Aggressed icon shows when you can be attacked without penalty (Since you started a fight)
    • Warning icon shows if you are about to take a karma loss from hitting someone
  • Karma Levels: Outcast (Red), Scoundrel (Pink), Rude (Grey), Neutral (White), Good (Blue) Honest (Navy), Trustworthy (Yellow)
  • Karma Gain/Loss is dependent on the karma level of the affected person
  • Guards are hostile towards 'Outcasts' in all cities besides the Oasis and the Outpost
  • Ways to Lose Karma (No karma loss will be incurred if an aggressive act is committed against an Outcast)
    • Looting the corpse of any player
    • Looting a monster that has been killed by another player
    • Initiating an attack on a player
    • Murdering another player
    • Performing beneficial acts on Outcasts (This includes resurrecting, healing, and buffing)
  • Players will never lose karma when they are the defender in a conflict. Ex. If a neutral player attacks an Outcast, but the Outcast kills the neutral player, the Outcast will not lose karma
  • If a player performs beneficial acts on another player that is an aggressor he will adopt that players conflicts (and thus any karma loss due to killing another player)
  • Karma is gained by killing players and/or monsters less than neutral karma
  • There is no karma loss when fighting in an arena, between guildmates, or between factions

Housing changes[]

  • Removed House auto-kicker

Mount changes[]

  • Prestige Abilities now work while mounted
  • Weapon Abilities now work while mounted
  • Mounts are dismissed to statues
  • Mounts can not be summoned while in combat
  • Getting hit causes you to be dazed (lose mount speed)
  • While dazed you have a 50% chance to be dismounted
  • Wyverns are no longer mountable

Magical Guide[]

  • Can now locate nearest teleport tower and stable master
  • Automatically dismisses after a few minutes of inactivity
  • Can be dismissed from the context menu


  • Removed fast gains from 0
  • Slowed stat gains across the board

Crafting changes[]

  • Item parts and recipes removed
  • Adjustments to ore availability
  • Removed 'milling' ability hatchet
  • Mobs now drop leather hides which must crafted into tanned leather
  • Switched Crusader and Lich blade tiers
  • Switched Large and Heater shield tiers
  • Switched white staff/redemption and Sunstaff/Dead Staff tiers
  • Crafting recipes adjusted

Additional changes[]

  • Default zoom level and camera field of view updated
  • Increase amount you can zoom in
  • Added sound effects to many existing mobs
  • New music tracks added
  • Inns now sell cooking pots
  • Campfires refuse to be placed if doing so would cause a nearby mobile to immediately cause it to go out
  • Mana regeneration has been removed from campfires
  • Collision and Mouse Movement System Overhaul
  • Torch can now be equipped along side a two-handed weapon
  • Added hirelings to Valus
  • Harpy spawn moved to its proper location
  • Removed many dead quests that were confusing the heck out of newbies
  • Players are no longer ejected from their house upon death
  • Returned lower limit skill gains between 0-10 (0.3 per gain) and 10-20 (0.2 per gain)

Hotfix 2/2[]

  • Fixed using bandages to revive dead players (Requires at least 80 skill in both healing and vigor)
  • Removed beneficial barrier on bandages.
  • Fix item categories for woodsmith
  • Fix multiple items getting equipped when switching templates at character creation
  • Fix items appearing behind the coffin when opening player corpses
  • Fix catacombs walls
  • New weapons will have the proper Attack value in the tooltip
  • Adjust Contempt Demon Lord loot / stats
  • Added channeling skill gain check while actively focusing (mana regen)
  • Changed the way cotton spawns in Eldier Village
  • Added dynamic cotton farm to Pyros Landing
  • Fixed autorestart spamming system message
  • Players can no longer be mounted while harvesting resources
  • Catacombs guards will not actively attack reds
  • Stablemaster should restock horses reliably