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Black Bear
Black Bear
Type Animal
Hostile Yes
Taming 39.1
HP 240

Black Bear is an animal.

Animal Taming[]

Black Bears can be tamed with a minimum of 39.1 Animal Taming Skill Points. At least 42 Skill Points are recommended for taming a Black Bear successfully.
Like most animals, Black Bears use 1 Animal Taming control slot.

An Animal Lore skill of 35 minimum is needed for them to follow commands (Note: they still sometimes ignore orders at this skill level) and 40 seems to have them follow commands without ignoring orders.


Attack: 5
Attack Speed: 2
Power: 4
Affinity: 0
Defense: 45


Black bears do not drop loot but will generally yield one Tough Meat and one Leather Hide when harvested.

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