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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.7.

Blacksmith table
Blacksmith table
Weight: 1

A Blacksmith Table is a decorative table that can be crafted with Carpentry skill. You can also get alternative colors from Blacksmith Crafting orders


Blacksmith tables can be placed within a plot or house that is owned by the person placing it. When it is created it comes packed like a crate. To use the packed item double click the crate and target the location it is to be placed.


Blacksmith tables are crafted using the Carpentry Skill and a Carpentry Table. You must have learned the recipe in order to craft this item.

  • Min. Skill Required - 60
  • Resources Required - 15 Iron Ingots

Alternative Colors[]

Alternative colored Blacksmith tables are available in the colors of the different blacksmith materials. They are rewards for doing blacksmith Crafting orders.

Color Crafting Order Tier Image
Copper 7 Blacksmithtablecop.jpg
Gold 7 Blacksmithtablegold.jpg
Cobalt 8 Blacksmithtablecobalt.jpg
Obsidian 8 Blacksmithtableobsidian.jpg