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Blank Rune
Blank Rune
Use this to summon a portal to a marked location. Must be marked before it can be used.
Weight: 1
Sells for 200 Gold

Blank Rune is a single use item that is meant to be used in conjunction with Mark, Portal, and Runebook.

Usage & Restrictions[]

  • In order to mark a Blank Rune, you must cast Mark, and target it from your inventory. This will create a Teleportation Rune marked with the caster's current location.
  • A marked rune cannot be re-marked.
  • You cannot Mark a rune while in a Dungeon, in a player's, on a player's property, or around the swap area of the Black Forest.


Blank Runes can be bought for 200 Gold from the general stores in the following towns: