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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.6.

Bless Deed
Bless Deed
Used to bless clothing items
Weight: 1

Bless Deeds is a reward from the Fabrication Crafting orders. It is the highest tier of rewards and therefore the rarest reward.


Bless deed is a single use item that can be used to bless a single piece of the following clothing items:

To use the deed, double click on it and target the piece of clothing you would like to bless. It will then have the word Blessed in the item description.

Blessed cloak.jpg


You have a chance to receive a Bless Deed from the following Fabrication Crafting Orders:

Item Quantity Resource
HardenedHood 15 VileLeather
HardenedHood 20 VileLeather
HardenedHood 40 VileLeather
HardenedHood 60 VileLeather
HardenedHood 80 VileLeather
HardenedHood 100 VileLeather
LeatherHelm 20 VileLeather
LeatherHelm 40 VileLeather
LeatherHelm 60 VileLeather
LeatherHelm 80 VileLeather
LeatherHelm 100 VileLeather
LeatherChest 15 VileLeather
LeatherChest 20 VileLeather
LeatherChest 40 VileLeather
LeatherChest 60 VileLeather
LeatherChest 80 VileLeather
LeatherChest 100 VileLeather
HardenedLeggings 15 VileLeather
HardenedLeggings 20 VileLeather
HardenedLeggings 40 VileLeather
HardenedLeggings 60 VileLeather
HardenedLeggings 80 VileLeather
HardenedLeggings 100 VileLeather
HardenedChest 15 VileLeather
HardenedChest 20 VileLeather
HardenedChest 40 VileLeather
HardenedChest 60 VileLeather
HardenedChest 80 VileLeather
HardenedChest 100 VileLeather
LeatherLegs 15 VileLeather
LeatherLegs 20 VileLeather
LeatherLegs 40 VileLeather
LeatherLegs 60 VileLeather
LeatherLegs 80 VileLeather
LeatherLegs 100 VileLeather