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Carpentry, previously known as Woodsmith, is a trade skill and allows creation of items on a Carpentry Table. The more skill that you have, the better quality items you are able to create.

Bonus[ | ]

Weapons that are crafted will get a random bonus to attack, in part influenced by the skill of the crafter. The material used to craft the weapon has no impact on this bonus. Using an higher grade material for crafting, will result in an item with an higher durability.

  • Maximum Attack bonus from crafting skill: 50%

For shields it works in the same way, but instead of a % increase in damage, they get a bonus to the armor value (up to +3). Again, the material used isn't a factor in this bonus, it is used only to increase the durability of the shield.

Crafted items[ | ]

The following items can be crafted.

Resources[ | ]

Material is harvested using Lumberjack and Mining skills.

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Brick 0 5 Stone No
Wooden Board 0 5 Wood No
Ash Board 30 5 Ash Yes
Blightwood Board 50 5 Blightwood Yes

Weapons[ | ]

The weapons stats can be found on the Weapons page.

Bows[ | ]

Name Prefix Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Arrow x 20 Wooden 0 1 Wooden Board No
Ash 25 1 Ash Board, 1 Feather Yes
Blightwood 50 1 Blightwood Board, 1 Wild Feather Yes
Short Bow Wooden 25 1 Wooden Board No
Wooden short bow
Ash 30 1 Ash Board No
Ash short bow
Blightwood 35 1 Blightwood Board No
Blightwood short bow
Long Bow Wooden 50 2 Wooden Boards Yes
Wooden long bow
Ash 55 2 Ash Boards
Ash long bow
Blightwood 60 2 Blightwood Boards
Blightwood long bow
War Bow Wooden 75 3 Wooden Boards Yes
Wooden war bow
Ash 80 3 Ash Boards
Ash war bow
Blightwood 85 3 Blightwood Boards
Blightwood war bow

Shields[ | ]

Name Prefix Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Small Shield Wooden 10 1 Wooden Boards No
Wooden small shield
Ash 15 1 Ash Board
Ash small shield
Blightwood 20 1 Blightwood Board
Blightwood small shield
Buckler Wooden 35 1 Wooden Boards Yes
Wooden buckler
Ash 40 1 Ash Board
Ash buckler
Blightwood 45 1 Blightwood Board
Blightwood buckler
Kite Shield Wooden 60 2 Wooden Boards Yes
Wooden kite shield
Ash 65 2 Ash Boards
Ash kite shield
Blightwood 70 2 Blightwood Boards
Blightwood kite shield

Furnishings[ | ]

Crafting Stations[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Alchemy Table 75 100 Wooden Boards Yes
Alchemy table
Stove 75 50 Iron Yes
Anvil 75 100 Iron, 25 Wooden Boards Yes
Inscription Table 75 150 Wooden Boards Yes
Forge 75 50 Iron, 100 Stone Yes
Carpentry Table 75 150 Wooden Boards Yes
Carpentry table
Loom 75 75 Wooden Boards Yes

Tables & Chairs[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Wooden Stool 15 1 Wooden Boards Yes
Wooden stool
Wooden Chair 25 2 Wooden Boards No
Wooden chair
Wooden Table 35 4 Wooden Boards No
Wooden table
Fancy Chair 35 3 Wooden Boards Yes
Fancy chair
Large Wooden Table 40 10 Wooden Boards Yes
Large wooden table
Fancy Bench 45 4 Wooden Boards Yes
Fancy bench
Round Table 50 12 Wooden Boards Yes
Inn Table 60 15 Wooden Boards Yes
Blacksmith table 60 15 Iron Yes
Fancy Desk 70 40 Wooden Boards Yes
Fancy desk

Decorative Items[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Campfire 0 10 Wood No
Shelf 20 1 Wooden Boards Yes
Stone Fireplace 50 100 Stone Yes
Stone fireplace
Small Bed 50 20 Wooden Boards Yes
Small bed
Medium Bed 55 40 Wooden Boards Yes
Medium bed
Large Bed 60 50 Wooden Boards Yes
Large bed
Wooden Bookshelf 64 20 Wooden Boards Yes
Wooden bookshelf

Lighting[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Torch 0 1 Wooden Board No
Standing Torch 25 2 Wooden Board Yes
Wall Lantern 40 2 Wooden Board Yes
Hanging Lantern 55 3 Wooden Board Yes

Storage[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Barrel 25 2 Wooden Boards Yes
Chest 35 4 Wooden Boards No
Crate 45 2 Wooden Boards No
Lockbox 55 4 Wooden Boards Yes
Dresser 60 40 Wooden Boards Yes

Fences[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Small Fence 40 2 Wooden Boards Yes
Small fence
Gate 40 4 Wooden Boards Yes

Tools[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Fishing Rod 15 1 Wooden Board No
Fishing rod
Crook 26 2 Wooden Board No
31 2 Ash Board No
Ash Crook
36 2 Blightwood Board No
Blightwood Wooden Crook
Lute 25 1 Wooden Board
Drum 25 1 Wooden Board Yes
Flute 25 1 Wooden Board Yes

Gardening[ | ]

Name Skill Materials Requires recipe Screenshot
Plant Pot 10 10 Wooden Board No
Plant Bed Small 25 25 Wooden Board Yes
Plant Bed Medium 50 50 Wooden Board Yes
Plant Bed Large 75 75 Wooden Board Yes

Training Guide[ | ]

This guide will help you raise your crafting skill to 100.

  • If your skill is below 30.0 it's recommended that you purchase training from a NPC Trainer for 300 Gold, which will put your crafting skill to 30.0 and save you time and resources.
  • A general rule of thumb is to craft items which required skill is between 5.0 and 15.0 skill points below your current skill.
    You're able to gain skill on any item which isn't Trivial to make, meaning you have a 100% chance to craft the item. An item will start to get Trivial when your crafting skill is 25.0 points above the required skill level.
    To save on resources, craft the cheapest item within this skill span.
  • During your crafting sessions you should at all times check available work orders since these will grant you some resources, money and recipes.
    They're also a great way to clear out your storage space from the abundance of crafted items you'll be getting.
  • Another suggestion is to craft whatever items you're able to sell to other players at a profit, compare how often you're able to craft the item and the cost of the resource to the worth of the item.
  • The crafting difficulty of the carpentry items have been changed many times during the early access, right now you can get to 100 skill without using expensive resources like Ash or Blightwood. Wood Warbows will take you up to 100 skill, making getting to 100 quite a lot easier than in the past, where you required Blightwood Warbows for the last 5 points.
  • Blightwood Boards are really expensive materials, don't try to make them before they are trivial to raise your skill, there are much cheaper ways.

This table is an example of a possible path to 100 with minimal resources invested.

Crafted Item Material Gain Range
Arrow Wood 0 - 25
Small Shield Wood 25 - 35
Fishing Rod Wood 35 - 40
Crook Wood 40 - 50
Buckler Wood 50 - 60
Longbow Wood 60 - 75
Kite Shield Wood 75 - 85
War Bow Wood 85-100

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your carpentry skill to 30 for 300 Gold: