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The entrance for Catacombs location

Catacombs - Shard of the Dead[]

Once a vast temple complex where the people of Aria laid their dead to rest or visited the tombs of venerated ancestors, seeking wisdom or solace. Now this vast, sprawling complex of maze-like tunnels and chambers is the staging ground for an army of the undead.

Catacombs is home some of Celador’s toughest monsters including the boss to end all bosses known as Death. Once he has been defeated and looted you will be kicked out of Death’s chamber to allow for the 30 minute restart timer.

Entering Catacombs[]

Entering Catacombs is different to a normal dungeon. Each player must pay with 3 specific skulls which are available as drops from 3 of the dungeons. The skulls required are:

Once a player has the 3 required skulls they should be taken to Lich Ruins to enter the Catacombs.



Level 1[]

The first level of Catacombs is made up of several areas connected with Teleports. There are also a huge number of traps!

  1. Entrance (there are NPC Zealots which are non hostile at the entrance)
  2. Void Apprentice
  3. Void Worshiper
  4. Void Mage
  5. Greater Demon
  6. Void Marksman
  7. Void Channeler
  8. Void Executioner
  9. Void Guardian
  10. Entrance to Level 2

T Teleporter

Level 2[]


Level 2 is where you can find Death, the most dangerous evil monster within Celador!

  1. Entrance, Resurrection Shrine
  2. Das Vul
  3. Das Lux
  4. Das Oras
  5. Greater Void Shadow
  6. Flaming Skull
  7. Vox Maros
  8. Banshee
  9. Darken Nox
  10. Vox Oras
  11. Fel-Wrath knight
  12. Skeleton Reaper
  13. Death
  14. Exit to Hub

T = Teleport