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Champions are a tougher version of certain monsters that yield exceptional loot. They are most often identified by orange-colored names and a gold border on their health bars.
Champions are categorized in different levels. It is presently not fully known what Champions belong to different levels.

More Champions are believed to exist in the world and have not all been documented yet.

According to to the Early_Access_v0.8.3 hotfix notes on 1/3/19, Ability Book drops have been removed from "Low Level Champions".

Low Level Champions[]

Skeleton Warriors and Ghouls are probably low level champions since these spawn in beginner friendly areas such as graveyards. Inflamed Imp is also believed to be a low level champion.

Testing is needed.

Middle Level Champions[]

These champions are a little harder for lower-level players and should only be confronted with a group or once your skills are in the 50-60 range, although higher skill will make it easier to survive. These champions can drop Prestige Ability Books, usually tiers 1 or 2.

Uncategorised Champions[]

Because of their increased difficulty, it is presently unknown if the following Champions are Low Level Champions or not.

If they are able to drop Prestige Ability Books then they are not Low Level Champions.


These are higher level champions, which you earn an achievement from slaying.

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