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Community[edit | edit source]

Legends of Aria already has a very active community. If you ever have any questions that you need answered or just want to talk about the game or anything else - you can join the community on any of the ways listed below.

Forum[edit | edit source]

You can join discussions about the game and other things on the official forum: Forums

Discord Channel[edit | edit source]

Legends of Aria has a popular community-run Discord channel: LoA Community Discord

Events[edit | edit source]

All public events (playtests, roundtables, other) can be found on the calendar on the Legends of Aria web page: Events

Fan sites[edit | edit source]

Currently there are no fansites for the game yet, but in the future you will be able to find them here: Fan Sites
Your site can also be the first one listed there, just send an email to: and they will add your page to the list!


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