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Spell scrolls are items that can be crafted by players with the Inscription skill, or dropped as loot by monsters.

Scrolls have 2 main purposes:

  • Scrolls can be added into a player's Spellbook, allowing that player to cast that spell from that moment on.
  • A scroll can be used as a consumable to cast that spell. This destroys the scroll. Casting a spell from a scroll requires no mana and no reagents. Casting from a scroll does not require Manifestation or Evocation and it never fails, but the casting time is 3 times the regular one. The effect is influenced by the player's spell power and Magic Affinity, so a fighter with low Intelligence and no mage skills casting an Energy Bolt will inflict relatively low damage. Casting from a scroll for non mages is still useful for those spells that are not influenced by spell power, like Portal, Ward:Evil, Ward:Hidden and so on.