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Channeling is a combat skill that determines the player's ability to regenerate mana passively and actively with the Focus ability.

At 100 skill points (Grandmaster), a player will passively regenerate mana at a rate of 1.4 mana per second. This figure assumes that the player is not hindered by an armor penalty.

Focus[ | ]


Focus Ability

Focus is an ability which can be found in the player character's skill menu (Default keyboard short-cut: "K") under the Channeling section. Players are advised to drag-drop it onto the ability hotbar for regular use.

At 100 skill points (Grandmaster), a player will actively regenerate mana at a rate of 2.6 mana per second while in focus.

When using this ability, the player character will attempt to enter a Focused state. The chance to successfully focus is dependant on the player's Channeling skill. When Focused, the player character will recover mana much faster than normal. Players may not move or perform actions in this state. Players will lose their Focused state if the player character moves, uses an ability (e.g. casting spells), takes damage, or use items. Looting, however, will not break focus.

After attempting to focus, the ability will be put on a 5 second cooldown. This cooldown occurs regardless of whether the player character successfully entered a Focused state or not.

Meditation[ | ]


Meditation Ability

Meditation is a Prestige Ability that requires players to complete the Mage Profession Journey man quest and have 60 points in the following skills:

When using Meditation, players will receive a 4 point increase in mana regeneration for 30 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Meditation will only work if the player character is standing still.

Armor Penalty[ | ]

Wearing Light armor and Heavy armor will slow down your mana regeneration. Cloth armor will not.

Regeneration Rates[ | ]

The table below lists the mana regeneration rates. Numbers do not take into account any armor penalty. The lower your channeling skill, the greater your chance to fail focus becomes.

Mana Regeneration Rates
Channeling Passive Focus Meditation
0 0.3 NA* 4.3
10 0.4 0.6 4.4
20 0.5 0.8 4.5
30 0.6 1.0 4.6
40 0.7 1.2 4.7
50 0.8 1.4 4.8
60 0.9 1.6 4.9
70 1.0 1.8 5.0
80 1.1 2.0 5.1
90 1.2 2.2 5.2
100 1.4 2.6 5.4

NA* - Chance to focus was too small to test.

Training guide[ | ]

Visit a mage NPC to purchase training and raise your Channeling to 30.0.

Channeling will raise through focus being active or attempting to enter into a focus.

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your channeling skill to 30 for 300 Gold: