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Charge Runebook
Charge Runebook
Related skill Manifestation
Min skill 38.1
Mana cost 50
Reagent 1 Magical Essence
Adds 5 recall charges to a runebook.

Charge Runebook is a level 5 manifestation spell that requires 1 Magical Essence to add 5 recall charges to a Runebook.

Usage & Limitations[]

To use the spell, cast it on a Runebook in your inventory. This will add 5 recall charges on the runebook.

Another option is to have another player with Magery skill cast Charge Runebook on your Runebook via the trade window without having to trade the runebook to them.

The hardest option is to purchase, make, or get a charge runebook scroll to add 5 charges. This is the most costly because it involves using an Ancient Scroll per cast.

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