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Cooking is a trade skill that allows the preparing of food to provide special temporary buff to your character. Resources for cooking can be found across Celador towns, grown with Gardening or by using the Fishing skill.

Cooking[ | ]

There are many different types of food you can cook. In order to cook ingredients you must follow the steps below:

1. Ensure you have a Cooking pot and are close to a heat source such as a campfire

2. place up to 2 cooking ingredients that offer different buffs into the cooking pot.

3. While standing next to a campfire press the Cook All or Cook One button.

4. If your skill is high enough you will successfully cook 1 of 3 tiers of food.

Campfires[ | ]


A campfire.

Campfires are needed for cooking food. They can be created using the carpentry table and skills or found around the world near people such as by the traveling merchant, at other players' housing or even at the bandits and cultist camps in Celador.

Ingredients[ | ]

There are a number of ingredients used in cooking to provide various temporary buffs. All ingredients are now classified in to three (3) tiers that denote how much that affect a specific stat when they are cooked. The end product of the cooking process will be named based on the primary ingredient (highest stat gain provided) and the tier of that ingredient.

Ingredient Attribute Buff Amount Min.Cook Skill Duration (min)
Tier 1 - Snacks
Onion Weight 15 5
Carrot Stamina 8 10
Strawberry Mana 8 15
Barrel Fish Fillets / Tero Fish Fillet Health 15 20
Mystery Meat / Stringy Meat Health 15 20
Tier 2 - Meals
Corn Weight 25 25 5
Button Mushroom Weight 25 40
Green-leaf Lettuce Stamina 16 30
Red-leaf Lettuce Stamina 16 45
Squash Mana 16 35
Melon Mana 16 50
Raw Spotted Tero Fish Fillet / Four Eyed Salar Fish Fillets Health 30 55
Tender Meat / Tough Meat Health 30 55
Tier 3 - Banquets
Green Pepper Weight 50 65
Cucumber Stamina 25 75
Eggplant Mana 25 85
Raw Razor-Fish Fillet / Golden Aether Fish Fillets Health 45 85
Gourmet Meat Health 45 85

Cooking Pot[ | ]

Cooking pot

When using a cooking pot you can mix any two of the above ingredients together unless they have the same attribute.

example: you could not cook A Tero Fish Fillet with a Razer Fish Fillet because they both have the health attribute.

Once you have chosen 2 ingredients to cook you must open your cooking pot and place them in. You will have the choice to cook all or cook one at a time depending if your foods are stacked.

The 2 ingredients will cook together and make either a Tier 1 Snack, Tier 2 Meal or Tier 3 Banquet depending on the highest level of ingredient you have.


example: If you cook an onion that gives you +15 buff to your max carry and a Squash that gives you a +16 Mana you will end up with a Squash-Onion Meal that gives you +16 Mana and +15 weight.

Squashonionmeal Statbuff

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your cooking skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

Profession Guide[ | ]

Here are the steps to complete for each tier of the Cooking Profession:

Apprentice[ | ]

Reward: 50 Stringy Meat

Journeyman[ | ]

Reward: Fusion 1: Increase meal effects on you by 50%.

Master[ | ]

  • Speak to a Chef
  • Cook 20 Cucumber Banquets
  • Cook 5 Gourmet Meat-Strawberry Banquets

Reward: Fusion 2: Increase meal effects on you by 75%.

Grandmaster[ | ]

  • Speak to a Chef
  • Cook 40 Razor Fish - Eggplant Banquets

Reward: Fusion 3: Increase meal effects on you by 100%.

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