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Weight: 1
Sells for 10 gold

Copper is a resource used in Blacksmithing and Carpentry to craft weapons and armor.


Copper can be crafted at level 20 in Blacksmithing with the following materials:


Copper may be used in the following recipes:

Variation Required materials
Longsword 2 Copper
Broadsword 2 Copper
Saber 2 Copper
Katana 2 Copper
Great Axe 3 Copper
Large Axe 3 Copper
Mace 2 Copper
Hammer 2 Copper
Maul 2 Copper
War Mace 2 Copper
Quarterstaff 3 Copper
Warhammer 3 Copper
Dagger 1 Copper
Kryss 1 Copper
Poniard 1 Copper
Bone Dagger 1 Copper
Pitchfork 3 Copper
Voulge 3 Copper
Spear 3 Copper
Halberd 3 Copper
Chain Helm 1 Copper
Scale Helm 2 Copper
Full Plate Helm 3 Copper
Chain Leggings 3 Copper
Scale Leggings 4 Copper
Full Plate Leggings 5 Copper
Chain Tunic 3 Copper
Scale Tunic 4 Copper
Full Plate Tunic 5 Copper

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