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Table of Players' Houses[]

Players Houses Locations
Player Name Location X Location Y Region Merchant? (Yes/No) Types of Merchandise, if any
Center (Example) 0.00 0.00 No Nada
Zmora 837.21 -974.36 Valus Yes Bows, Furniture, Horses, Weapons, Bags, Containers and everthing what you need
SOF Hideout 85.44 1089.67 Eldeir Yes Shop is in preparation
Elda Wolv 59.46 972.51 Eldeir Yes Everything carpentry (master) + some dungeon loot, open for crafting station orders
LaetiFR 680.62 -1121.26 Valus Yes Bows, Carpentry Recipes, General...
Boogis 2021.54 -256.78 Black Forest Yes Top weapon, BS Recipes, General...
Elonia 2476 735 Helm Yes Carpenter & Tamer
Zum Humpen 146 1046 Eldeir Yes Blacksmith & Bricks, Wood, Iron
Oduncu Emrin -2560.78 -2206.96 Pyros Yes Almost everything
Cemil Ipekci 400 850 Eldeir Yes Scrolls, spellbooks, weapons, cloth-light-heavy armors, potions, ability books,.. Everything you need!
Potate -14,61 727,93 Eldier No Nothing yet (28-12-2018) but will build Rune Library in time
Xavier WER 2417 544 Helm Yes Carpentry & Assorted goods
Chrystis Trading 373.19 744.34 Eldeir Yes Carpentry & Assorted goods
Wolg 2468.87 229.72 Helm Yes Weapons, heavy armor, recipes, crafting mats. More to come.
Bandit Camp Pitstop -152.74 455.22 Eldair Yes Recipes, Scrolls, Arrows, Food supplies, Potions... Perfect pitstop before hunting Bandits!
Razor Crest 2317.89 624.2 Helm Yes Recipes, Armors, Weapons, Land Deeds, Jewelry, Deco, Bows, Alchemy, Food, Scrolls, etc.
Handwerk & Co 2656.11 1159,99 Helm No
Delorn's Space 2557,77 1383,14 Helm Yes Enchantments, Potions, Rarities, Scrolls, further Items coming soon

How to add your own house to the map:

  1. Get the location information of your house on the map, to retrieve the "location X" and "location Y" to manually enter in the table above.
    1. You can either use the in-game command "/where" when you are standing in the middle of your plot/house. Use the first and the 3rd number returned by the call, since "/where" is defined differently (the Y of the map here under is the Z in game).
    2. Or you can zoom in a close as possible on the map here under, press SHIFT and click at the location your house is.
  2. Press the "Edit" text link next to the section title "Table of players' houses", right above the table (You can press "ESC" at any time to cancel any change).
  3. Select the last cell at the bottom of the table. Press on the ">" symbol at the left of the row and select "Insert below"; a new table row will be created for you.
  4. Enter your information in each cell. Warning: modifying any other entry in the table will mean reverting your changes, including your additions.
  5. Press the blue "Save changes" button on the top right and reload the page to verify your entry. You can reedit your entry using the same technique.

Interactive Map[]

Interactive Map Legend
Icon Type of Location Smaller Map Protected Zones Overlay Small Roads Overlay
City, Town, Outpost, Landmark
NewCelador Map DarkenedAreas 4000.jpg

Protected Zones Overlay

Small roads overlay

Portal Gate, Pier
Player House