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Dungeons are areas of Celador that are instanced and contain mobs.

List of dungeons[ | ]

Name Level Range Entrance
Eldeir Sewers 30-50 Eldeir Village
Helm Sewers 30-50 Helm
Valus Sewers 30-50 Valus
Pyros' Landing Sewers 30-50 Pyros' Landing
Halls of Corruption 50-80 Eldeir Region. South-east of Eldeir Village, past the river.
Halls of Contempt 80-100 Found on the eastern side of Black Forest
Halls of Ruin 80-100 Southern Rim Region. West of the Crossroads, north-eastern base of a single mountain along the Old Fool's Road.
Halls of Deception 80-100 Barren Lands Region. On the Gold Coast along the northern base of the Gleaming Ridge.
Catacombs 90-100 entered via Lich Ruins located in Southern Hills
Monolith 90-100* Southern Hills Region. Across the field from the Valus Cemetary.

*This dungeon requires a group and is difficult for solo play.