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Dynamic spawns are mini-events found throughout the world of Celador that spawn waves of monsters that dynamically change with the number of players present within the dynamic spawn zone.

Dynamic spawns refer to both an area and an event, for example: Rebel Camp found in the Southern Rim has the dynamic spawn event 'Reinforcements'.


Triggering a Dynamic Spawn: Dynamic spawns can be indicated by a buff icon that appears when in proximity of a dynamic spawn event and is triggered when a relevant mob is killed within the dynamic spawn area.

Waves: Dynamic spawns typically have 3-to-4 waves that spawn progressively difficult monsters in hoards relative to the number of players in proximity.

Boss: Each dynamic spawn ends with a boss that typically spawns on the final wave of the event. Bosses are typically indicated by a gold embroidered health bar and give participants a chance at dynamic loot.

Dynamic Loot[]

Depending on the dynamic spawn and event, players who participate and contribute damage to killing a dyanmic spawn boss will be eligible for a dynamic loot that will be distributed directly into the player's bag upon completion of the dynamic event.

A system message "You have been rewarded' will appear on the screen indicating a successful roll for an item from the dynamic loot table.

Currently it is not known whether dynamic loot tables vary from dynamic spawn to dynamic spawn.

Dynamic Loot tables can vary from lesser artifacts to greater artifactrs.

List of known dynamic spawns[]

  • Rebel Camp - Reinforcements
  • Eldeir Cemetery - Undead Rising
  • Valus Cemetery - Shrine Guardian
  • Helm Cemetery - Undead Rising
  • Haunted Ruins in Everdale