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Early Access v0.8.2
Date 05 December 2018
Version 0.8.2
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Open Beta Hotfix Patch Notes (12/05/18)
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Beta_v0.7.1 Early_Access_v0.8.3


  • Prestige books now drop at the appropriate rate from Awakening Spawns.
  • Rank 1 prestige abilities now require 3 Ability Points.
  • Rank 3 prestige abilities now require 25 Ability Points.
  • Item sell prices globally reduced.
  • Metal nodes now take substantially longer to respawn.
  • Wild iron nodes have been added to rocks outside of mines.
  • Added Ash & Blightwood arrow recipes to Carpentry Crafting Orders.
  • Oasis & Black Forest guards will only be called if the victim is in a Neutral territory.
  • Any aggressive action in Neutral territory will result in neutral guards being called on the attacker.
  • Removed guard towers from barrens and black forest.
  • Added magic resistance to appropriate magical mobs.
  • Mission monsters now leash to their lairs.
  • Guild chat and guild formation issues resolved.
  • Added "Lock title" button on achievement window.
  • Resolved an issue where "Show title only" on achievement window did not show PvP titles.
  • Adjusted timing of sunken treasure chest to align better with fishing animation.
  • Resolved an issue with sunken treasure chests spawn in water.
  • Terracotta Tuscan house door and sign position corrected.