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Early Access v0.8.3
Date December 21st 2018
Version 0.8.3
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Below are the known patch notes for Early Access v0.8.3, including hotfixes. Citadel does not include version information on their patch notes, so the listed notes may be incomplete

Patch (12/21/2018)


  • Containers will soon accurately abide by their item limits
    • Containers now show a current/max item count.
    • Individual containers will have a max item count of 100 (Containers inside containers are still limited by the topmost container’s item limit).
    • Banks will have a max item count of 200.
    • Warning: We will be patching out a change next week that prevents containers from going over this limit. After that, picking an item up from an overfilled container will not allow it to be placed back into the overfull container.
  • “Bandage bug” has been resolved. Items in hotbar no longer stop functioning/become locked.
  • Rates of Durability loss have been overhauled and largely increased.
  • On death, Blessed items are moved to top level of a player’s backpack, preventing blessed items in sub-containers from dropping onto their corpse.
  • Oasis and Black Forest neutral outpost are now protected by lightning.
  • Loot protection check is now done based on the location of the victim’s corpse instead of the current location of the victim.
  • Hireling merchant no longer locks down sale items on dismissal. Instead prompts you with dialog telling you to pick up your items.
  • Map defaults to zoomed in on your current location.
  • Cobalt Durability Bonus now calculates correctly.
  • Tamer pets can now attack mission lair spawns.
  • Removed small section of Brecca Mines from being included in the guardzone.
  • Wild Feathers now have the correct name when stacked.
  • Skills gaining from 0 to 10 only gain if you have a chance to gain on that action.
  • You can now train lockpicking on Rogue trainer.
  • Water no longer appears white when logging in with reflections disabled.
  • Fix overhead chat being hard to read with long messages.
  • Reduced drop rate on low level fishing maps.
  • All map levels will now drop from fishing.


  • Bug addressed which was causing higher than expected melee damage:
    • Overpower attack bonus reduced from 125% to 50%
    • Stab attack bonus reduced from 125% to 25%
    • Stab Stealth Bonus reduced from 300% to 200%
  • Powershot damage bonus increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Shield Bash now has a 60 second cooldown.
  • Charge now has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Manifestation heal amount variance reduced from 20% to 5%.
  • Missed Stab attacks will now reveal hidden attackers.
  • Reduced Max Heal from bandaging from 312 to 256.
  • Ice Barrier ability can now be used while disabled (stunned).
  • Poison and bleed ticks no longer interrupt spellcasting during Mage Armor.
  • Daze immunity now applies following being dazed (similar to stun immunity).


  • Catacombs now closes correctly upon completion.
  • Death has been buffed significantly.


  • Added missing art asset placeholder when items fail to load the associated 3d art.
  • Torch gets ignited during nighttime and in caves / dungeons only
  • Removed audio effect from torch when in inventory
  • Add better messaging when you can not resize your plot.
  • Adjusted locations / facing of dungeon chests.
  • Replaced mugs hanging in Eldeir Village inn to static mugs.
  • Fix nearby shop markers in Outpost not appearing in some situations.
  • Removed sound effect from mana missile effect.
  • Players cannot remove title using Remove Title button in an achievement window while title lockdown is on.
  • Reduce clickable area of portals to make it harder to click them by accident.
  • Players can no longer view the contents of other player’s packhorses.
  • Snakes now make pain noises.
  • Picking up a bag that is open will close the bag, as well as each open bag inside.
  • Added Pyros Inn audio zone.
  • Gold ore hue corrected.
  • Items and doors in Belhaven now aligned properly.
  • Plot transfer targets must be standing near mailbox to transfer plot.
  • Merchant Hirelings that are currently following the player can be recovered via stuck command.
  • Added outcast shrines to Southern Hills and Eastern Frontier.
  • Innocent players can no longer heal Chaotic players without first becoming Chaotic.
  • Earthquake can no longer be cast in Town.
  • Combat immunity text updated to be more specific.
  • Added Lockpick recipe.
  • Fix trade not clearing when stack sizes change.

Hotfix (12/28/2018)



  • Slightly increase the range at which you can see hidden characters.
  • Swinging at someone hidden will now reveal them even if you miss.
  • Empower prestige ability now heals pets of friendly players.
  • Hunter’s Mark and Silence abilities now work as expected.
  • Empower’s AoE healing fixed to properly follow Karma rules.
  • Power now gets recalculated on affinity skill gains.
  • Party consent (zero karma loss between members) no longer applies to beneficial actions. (For example healing)
  • Removed damage penalty on Mortal Strike and Concussion.
  • Attack bonus on stab increased to 50% from 25% when not stealthed.
  • With the auto target option enabled, using “Target Self” no longer changes your target to yourself.
  • Mage damage in PvE has been reduced.


  • Crates, wooden tables, torches, and wooden chairs no longer require recipes and are now automatically known. Recipes for these items will no longer be granted or required.
  • Corrected some blacksmithing order rewards granting unpacked anvils, instead of packed anvils.
  • Lockpicks are now craftable by blacksmiths.
  • Base crafting materials now grant an initial durability bonus level.


  • Fixed an issue resizing a plot where houses/lockdowns could block the resize.
  • Attempting to purchase items that would put players overweight or beyond backpack capacity will prompt a warning window indicating items dropping on the ground.
  • Bats are no longer harvestable.
  • Resolved an issue where items would sometimes disappear when dropping onto another object.
  • Players browsing missions will no longer be able to accept missions pulled from another player’s selection of missions.
  • Lowered the resource and gold drops on golems.
  • Completing a trade no longer triggers a second trade window to appear.
  • Stacks of items purchased from hireling merchants can now be correctly split.
  • Added lockpick item to characters starting with the lockpicking skill.
  • Removed normal world spawns from Black Forest awakening area.
  • Mission dispatchers now grant higher level missions to beastmasters.
  • Pets attacking mission spawns, now cause aggro towards the tamer.
  • Overkill damage is no longer counted in the list of damagers, meaning loot rights are now based on real damage done to the target.
  • Adjusted map drop rates on fishing.
  • Container item limit is now enforced.

Hotfix (1/3/2019)



  • Houses now have support for friends in addition to co-owners.
    • House containers now support setting a security level of friend.
    • Friends may open locked house doors.
  • Increased the distance of no housing allowance around guard walls.
  • Resolved an issue where several skills would not gain if at zero skill. Skills affected are the following:
    • Healing
    • Mining
    • Fishing
    • Lumberjack
  • The Barrens and Black Forest graveyards are no longer neutral guard protected.


  • Resolved an issue preventing blue karma level players from defending themselves against orange players, without first flagging Order.
  • Player and pet corpses now stay protected by Karma rules when their owner is logged off or in a different area of the game.
  • Updated conflict Icons in the Karma settings window to reflect proper Aggressor/Victim visual states.
  • Conflict status icon (Aggressor/Victim/Chaos/Allegiance) are now visible on pets.
  • The following spells and attacks now require line of sight to affect targets:
    • Earthquake
    • Meteor
    • Death’s Deathwave (In addition Deathwave no longer harms other undead creatures.)


  • Karma rewards are now split between party members.
  • Low level champion mobs no longer drop ability books.
  • Magic scrolls drop at a reduced rate from fishing chests.
  • General monster balances and tweaks.
  • Open backpacks of pets now close properly upon mounting the pet.
  • NPCs and creatures killed by guard protection lightning are no longer lootable.
  • Resolved an exploit allowing you to use “Stand” while not sitting to teleport.
  • Nearby player ghosts no longer result in hide skill failure for players.
  • Resolved an issue where two awakening dragon bosses would spawn during the final stages of the awakening spawn.
  • Server restart will no longer spawn another awakening dragon boss.
  • An open portal to Catacombs now closes upon server restart.
  • Catacombs pots can no longer be picked up and looted.
  • Merchants inside Catacombs are now invulnerable.
  • Resolved a bug where killing a blue player did not count towards achievement progress for the “Murderer” achievement.
  • Corrected the “Murderer” achievement description.

Hotfix (1/3/2019, additional)

  • Fixed not being able to hire escorts when you have a hired merchant already in that region.
  • Fixed being able to open horse saddlebags from inspect window while mounted.
  • Fixed not being able to split stacks inside of saddlebags.
  • Player and pet corpses now stay protected by Karma rules when their owner is logged off or in a different area of the game.
  • Conflict status icon (Aggressor/Victim/Chaos/Allegiance) are now visible on pets.
  • Fixed not being able to dress your merchant.

Point Release 1 (1/18/2019)



  • The housing tax and auction system will be re-enabled on Monday (1/21) which means taxes will be taken out for the first time on Friday (1/25)
  • Tax warning dialog box added when land is claimed/resized and balance is low.
  • Tax warning dialog box appears on login when a plot’s tax balance is low.


  • Increased availability of Ethereal Bones and Vile Blood.
  • Added basic cloak to Fabrication.
  • Added new lighting decorations to Carpentry.
  • Resource quality is now a stronger determinant in the quality of crafted items. (Obsidian, Blightwood etc) offer a far higher chance.
  • Attack bonus from crafted weapons raised from 75% to 100%.
  • Accuracy bonus is now derived 100% from material quality.


  • Emperor Scorpion is now tameable.
  • Huntress spider is now readily available.
  • Many aggressive tameables now have standard spawn timers and increased spawn numbers (Wyvern, Dire bear, Huntress etc).
  • Crabs now have a much lower taming requirement.


  • Fixed default interactions for Allegiance members.
  • Pet murder penalty is now half as much as Player murder penalty.
  • Fixed Resurrecting Allegiance members by non-allegiance members.
  • Fixed situations where if a pet’s Karma was out of sync with their owner they wouldn’t behave like owner’s karma.
  • Fixed player/pet name color mismatches.
  • Fixed opposing Allegiance members needing to flag Order in certain situations.


  • Chain and Scale now have lower agility penalties and corresponding lower defense.
  • Monsters now choose more deadly spells.
  • Natural defense reduced from 45 to 35.
  • Light armor defense has been slightly reduced.
  • Heavy armor defense has been slightly increased.


  • Player Merchants may now be re-positioned.
  • Fixed an issue where hired merchants would stop you from getting escorts
  • Plot land with items for sale or a merchant can no longer be resized down/relinquished.
  • Plots with active merchants cannot be transferred until merchants are removed.
  • Fixed issue where land could be released with locked down objects on it.
  • Fixed houses Co-Owners/Friends list not being cleared on plot transfer.


  • Pets with items in their pack (pack horses) can no longer be transferred.
  • Stable master will no longer accept pets with items in their pack.
  • Fixed stable master giving more pets than the player can handle.
  • Jewellery can now be damaged in combat.
  • Death’s drop rates have been adjusted.
  • Fixed graveyard ghoul spawn.
  • Fixed Order flag for Allegiance/Consenting Party Members.
  • Addressed situations where players are inadvertently flagged order.
  • Dead players can no longer gain prestige from group kills.
  • Fixed CO reward library table typo.
  • Reduced stack counts on material rewards.
  • Fix named spawn loot tables (Now drops furniture crates correctly).
  • Removed duplicate teleporters and doors in Catacombs.
  • Plot resize box will now automatically show when placing houses from blueprints.
  • Players will no longer end up in an impassable location when being removed from a plot.

Early Access Hotfix (1/23/2019)

  • Plots can no longer be placed over cliffs where unintended.
  • The Banker’s Tax option via the context menu now functions correctly.
  • Tips on how to pay taxes have been added to the tax warning window.
  • Pets cannot be resurrected when owners are not online or in the same region.
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