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Early Access v0.8.6
Date April 23rd 2019
Version 0.8.6
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Point Release 5 - April 23, 2019[]

source: https://www.legendsofaria.com/point-release-5-april-23rd-2019/


  • Plot tax rate significantly decreased ( 303 Gold for 12×12 / 2496 Gold for 30×30)
  • Plot re-size commit cost significantly increased ( 5 Platinum 600 Gold for 12×12 / 315 Platinum 30×30)
  • Land Deed purchase price increased to match commit cost of minimum land size
  • House blueprint purchase price doubled
  • House resource build cost doubled
  • Plots with negative balance will be foreclosed on Mondays at server noon instead of Saturdays
  • First Plot auctions now start one hour after foreclosure
  • Plot auctions last 4 days up from 30 minutes, allowing bidding opportunity for all
  • Plot auctions starting bid is calculated from cost of plot land size
  • Plot taxes can now only be paid by Plot Owner/House Co-Owners
  • Plot taxes can be paid directly from bank balance

New Death System[]

  • Ghost players enter the Astral Plane and are unable to see other mobiles with the exception of abilities that grant sight at great limitation
  • Upon death a player will not instantly release to their ghost. When released, the player will be moved to the nearest resurrection shrine
  • Returning to the site of your player corpse will offer an ability to resurrect with minimal resource pools and all remaining belongings returned
  • Players can choose to resurrect at a shrine following their death, which will leave all belongings on the corpse
  • You can now Resurrect a player’s corpse while said player is in a different region
  • Pets will be partially released upon player death and will resume ownership on resurrection within range of your body
  • Added Spirit Walk; a cooldown ability which teleports a ghost player to the nearest applicable shrine
  • Added Ephemeral Projection; an ability that allows a ghost player to see other mobiles near their corpse and for a short period when activated
  • Map indicators now show dungeon entrance if corpse is inside

New Mount System[]

  • Standard mounts can no longer be dismissed to statues
  • Mounting a horse is no longer instant / being dismounted no longer carries a debuff
  • Mounting a horse simply requires an interruptible short channel
  • Engaging in combat, casting spells or engaging in standard actions will dismount the rider
  • Ethereal mounts are now available with summon/unsummon straight to player inventories that will wear over time and eventually break from normal use
  • New Spell! Etherealize will allow the caster to turn their targeted mount into a statue
  • New Reagent! Ether will allow the casting of Etherealize, crafted by an Alchemist from items obtained from: liches, skeleton mages.
  • Legacy mount statues may be used to summon a horse which cannot be dismissed.

Allegiance Improvements[]

  • The Allegiance system now has seasons. Rankings reset at the start of each new season
  • Players are now ranked directly against their peers
  • Allegiance ranking is updated upon server restart
  • New ranking information added to the Allegiance window
  • Joining allegiances now requires new members to have attained maximum stats (150/150)
  • Adjustments made to the transfer of Favor (rank points) on kill


  • Chances to receive specific crafting orders based on your skill level has been adjusted
  • Some new crafting order rewards are now accessible that were not previously. This includes some new dye colors, furniture and bless deeds
  • Iron blacksmith table is now craftable (added recipe)
  • Colored hatchets and mining Picks are no longer rewards and are instead craftable by different materials.

Miscellaneous Improvements[]

  • Doubled the duration of Hamstring from 6 to 12 seconds and increased the cooldown from 20 to 60 seconds
  • Updated Kryss secondary ability to bleed
  • Updated Poniard secondary ability to Mortal Strike
  • Adjusted bow difficulty to improve skill progression
  • Adjusted Obsidian crafting difficulty to improve skill progression
  • Adjusted difficulty on boards to allow crafters to GM on high end materials
  • Hunter spider now has the appropriate pet slot assignment
  • Fixed Black Forest town chest that was stuck in a wall
  • Dice rolls are now System Messages
  • Range increased on Destroy Foundation to allow players to destroy foundations
  • Fixed an issue that always counted owner’s guard protection when protecting pets
  • Higher skill characters are no longer offered low skill missions
  • Fixed missions being given based on incorrect skill level
  • Mission difficulty level for tamers now uses AnimalTaming instead of Beastmastery
  • Lockboxes can be opened via lock picking
  • Players affected by Chilled debuff will be immune to Frost damage for the duration
  • Disabling effects such as stun now set to lowest speed vs locking in place, also applies to casting
  • Fixed Stasis removing Immunity when effect was ended early
  • Opening the map in a region you have not memorized will open the zoomed world map instead
  • Founder Mount Statues have been temporarily disabled; on use player will be given a system message
  • Allegiance leaders’ default interaction when out of combat is now converse instead of attack
  • Stablemaster added to Black Forest Outpost
  • Escape Scrolls now sold in Oasis and Black Forest
  • Catacombs Wraith Knight now has the appropriate amount of health
  • Run speeds across monsters have been slightly reduced
  • Female bandits now have the same HP as male bandits
  • Reduced overland spawn in The Barrens
  • Updated descriptions on Manifestation and Evocation
  • Ogre bosses now drop ability books
  • Vile spiders now drop vile leather instead of beast leather
  • Hearths located in Inns are now a heat source
  • Wilderness Mission Dispatchers have returned!

Hotfix – April 26th, 2019[]

Source: https://www.legendsofaria.com/point-release-5-april-23rd-2019/

  • All players can earn one ethereal horse statue per day from logging in during the weekend (April 26- April 28)
  • Players are now lootable immediately upon death
  • Player corpses no longer disappear on logout before release
  • Regular horses can now be dismissed to stable
  • Players are no longer dismounted for the following actions:
    • Manifestation Spell: Portal
    • Manifestation Spell: Mark
    • Manifestation Spell: Etherealize
    • Manifestation Spell: Ward Evil
    • Activating Hearthstone
    • Activating Escape Scroll
    • When using the Atlas
  • Increase activation time on hearthstone and escape scrolls to match portal spell.
  • Stuns/Disables now much slower snare, casting movement speed unchanged
  • Blocking with shields is fixed
  • Empty corpses will turn into a skeleton on death.
  • Fixed individuals that are dead, but not released can teleport through doors in dungeons.
  • Ethereal horses are now slightly less transparent
  • Etherealize Potion added (Difficulty: 90 – 100)
  • Potion of Mending added removing bleed and mortal strike (Difficulty: 75 – 100)
  • Cure Potion now requires 0 – 25 skill.
  • Increased Crafting Order rewards drop rates
  • Ether now requires 5 essence to create instead of 10.

Hot Fix May 1st, 2019[]

  • Fixed an issue with plot auction times not working properly.
  • When turning in a craft order, player now receives a system message to tell them what they got
  • Vile Leather is now called Vile Leather (not Fabled Beast Leather)

Hot Fix May 4th, 2019[]

  • Fixed an issue that caused pets to disappear when player dies