Early Access v0.8.7

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Early Access v0.8.7
Date June 4th 2019
Version 0.8.7
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Early Access v0.8.6 - Early Access v0.9.0.

Point Release 6 - June 4, 2019[edit | edit source]

source: https://www.legendsofaria.com/point-release-6-june-4th-2019/

What’s New[edit | edit source]

Colossals[edit | edit source]

Old magic has begun to awaken in the world of New Celeador and with it colossals have awoken to roam the world once more.

  • New PvE encounter that operates like mini-awakenings.
  • All colossals have stages of combat that are triggered when they reach 60% and 30% remaining health.
  • Colossals are summoned using maps that are rare drops from level 4 and 5 sunken and buried treasure and require 85 “treasure hunting” skill to decipher.
  • Colossals have unique loot including;
    • Executioner scrolls to enhance weapons
    • Decorative statues (super rare)
  • Colossal: Medeina (Goddess of Wolves)
    • Summons enraged dire wolves to aide her during combat.
  • Colossal: Misha (Dire Den Mother)
    • Summons enraged dire bears to aide her during combat.
  • Minions of colossals will now despawn if the colossal dies, is destroyed, or starts to wander.

Guild Wars[edit | edit source]

Added the ability for more players to participate in consensual PvP through a new Guild Wars system. This allows guilds to go to war with each other without fear of guard intervention or karma loss.

  • The Guild window now has a new tab for Guild Wars where you can declare war on guilds, accept incoming war declarations, and check on the progress of current wars.
  • Only guild officers can declare war, accept declarations, or surrender.
    • Guild officers have 24 hours to respond to incoming war declarations.
  • War declarations can have a 24 hour, 7 day or 30 day duration.
    • Limit of 10 outgoing war declarations.
  • Once an incoming war declaration is accepted, the war begins! Guild members will see a “Guild War Icon” on enemy guild members.
  • Guild officers on either side can surrender and immediately end the war.
  • You can now loot players you are in a guild war with correctly.
  • You can no longer surrender a guild war that has ended.
  • If a guild is in an active guild war, anyone leaving or being kicked from the guild keeps their guild tag and are attackable until they log out.

Gardening[edit | edit source]

The ability to grow ingredients for cooking has been added:

  • Plants can be grown from seeds and the player must monitor the soil moisture level each day.
  • Four plant containers added: pot, small raised bed, medium raised bed, and large raised bed which are craftable by carpenters.
  • Seeds for planting are harvested from various monster/animal corpses, those with seed diets.
  • Plants have three actions that can be performed:
    • Water: uses a full waterskin from your inventory to increase the soil moisture.
    • Gather: gathers all fruits from the plant and empties the plant container.
    • Empty: destroys the plant and discards all fruit and resets the soil moisture level.
  • Double clicking a plant container, that has a plant in it, with automatically water the plant.
  • Plants that are too dry or too wet will not grow properly.
  • Seeds do not stack by design.
  • Plants take 24 hours to mature to each growth stage.
  • Added colliders to all gardening containers.

What’s Improved[edit | edit source]

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Cooking skill has been redesigned:

  • All previously cooked food is still edible.
  • All food ingredients will increase stamina, health, mana, or weight capacity.
  • Food ingredients now show what player properties they enhance when cooked.
    • Food ingredients that were acquired prior to the patch will not show this, but will still enhance stats when cooked.
  • Cooking pots are limited to two ingredients at a time.
  • Cooking two ingredients that adjust the same stat will not stack their buffs.
  • Food buffs will last 15 minutes.
  • Cooked food does stack.
  • Cooking pot will now let the crafter “Cook One” or “Cook All”.  Choosing to cook all will cook one item after another until the pot contents are empty.
  • Cooking pot can now be dragged more easily.
  • Cooked food now shares the appearance of the primary ingredient used (one with highest stat increase).

Karma Reprieve[edit | edit source]

  • A new face has appeared in Belhaven who will grant Chaotic and Outcast characters the chance to be Innocent again.
  • After reprieve, the character will become innocent and have the opportunity to work off their “karma debt”, which can be seen in the character window.
  • Dropping into negative karma will end the reprieve and revert your karma value to the remainder of your debt.
  • A character will only be given this chance once, and this opportunity will only be offered for a limited time.

Allegiances[edit | edit source]

  • Ebris added as the third Allegiance.
  • Ebris recruiter added to Eldeir.
  • Ranking system updated(continued)
    • Allegiance Players take a portion of the enemy’s rank on kill, based on the highest damage dealer to the victim. The higher the rank of the victim, the higher the reward.
    • Allegiance members are ranked within their own Allegiance, relative to their peers based on their standing and percentile.
      • Rank 7: Standing 1
      • Rank 6: Standing 5 or less
      • Rank 5: > 70%
      • Rank 4: > 50%
      • Rank 3: > 30%
      • Rank 2: > 10%
      • Rank 1 requirement is met as long as you are an active participant.
    • Rankings are calculated when servers come up, on a daily basis.
    • Highest ranking member of each Allegiance is featured in the UI, as well as visually distinguished in game.
    • Various countermeasures are in place to prevent abuse of the rank system.
  • Allegiance Cleansing event added:
    • This event is active for a set amount of time.
    • Spirits spawn continuously throughout the duration of the event.
    • Compete against enemy Allegiance members to search the event area for Spirits to subdue.
    • Players earn Allegiance currency for contribution to the objective.
  • Allegiance King of the Hill event added:
    • Players fight for control over a small area for 30 minutes.
    • Score is earned when there is only one contesting Allegiance.
    • The Allegiance with the most cumulative score controls the hill.
    • This event does not reward Allegiance currency.
  • When an event becomes active, Allegiance players will be notified via a broadcast and map marker. Map markers display the previous winner of the event and location.
  • A warning that an event is about to start will also be broadcasted 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.
  • Allegiance UI window displays the time until the next event starts.
  • Players inside an active Allegiance event area will see an event scoreboard overlay containing a description, each team’s point total, and time remaining.
  • Events periodically activate at several predetermined points of interest:
    • Cleansing
      • Pyros Outskirts
      • Valus Outskirts
      • Everdale Farms
      • Grim’s Cove
      • Central Black Forest
      • Scaled Path
    • King of the Hill
      • Spiritwood Lumber
      • Valus Cemetery
      • Fremen Quarry
  • Rewards may be purchased with Allegiance currency in Belhaven by the Allegiance that controls 2 or more King of the Hill locations.
    • Added one reward for each of the 7 ranks.
    • Allegiance rewards require certain ranks to use.
    • Allegiance currency and rewards are blessed and do not drop on death.
    • Rewards include useful utility-based consumables, wearable and decorative cosmetics, and mounts.
  • Allegiance chat added with a cooldown of one minute.
  • Allegiance players may once again use any portal.
  • Titles added for each rank of each Allegiance.
  • New visuals added for Allegiance cloaks.
  • Earning Allegiance currency from events will no longer automatically open your backpack.
  • The Thread of Weightlessness effect now persists through logout and traveling across regions.
  • Reward costs are currently set for testing purposes and will be adjusted after testing. Event schedules have been updated to be closer to their intended values for live servers.
  • Allegiance members may now benefit from other’s actions as long as they are not currently engaged in conflict with a player. This should make it easier for those players to participate in PvE.
  • Added new map icons for Allegiance events.
  • More detailed information is available on the official Legends of Aria wiki.

Audio Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Improved audio performance for large crowds and big fights when many sounds of the same type occur.
  • Added new attack/environmental sounds for a variety of animals and monsters.  
  • Fixed an issue with graveyard ambient noises.
  • Improved audio performance for weapon sounds.
  • Improved sounds for dragons and bats.
  • Added distinct footstep sounds for NPCs.
  • Fixed fireball impact sounds.
  • Added wing sounds for flying monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with some monsters not playing their footstep sound.
  • Fixed an issue with chainmail armor not playing correct footstep sounds.
  • Fixed night ambient sounds not looping correctly.
  • New night parameter! All ambiences should now correctly adapt to server time.

Other Bug Fixes & Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced the drop rate of pillows and paintings from sunken chests.
  • Bandages will now only dismount when target is picked and no longer on use.
  • Selecting your preferred arrow type will no longer dismount.
  • Outcasts can now fast travel between the Blackwood Forest and Barren Lands teleportation gates.
  • NPC archers no longer shoot while moving.
  • Fixed a problem with selecting house signs.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to drag items from character window to backpack.
  • Vile Leather is now called Vile Leather, not Fabled Beast Leather.
  • Addressed an issue with doors not auto closing when they should have.
  • Fixed an issue with current auctions being scheduled more than 4 days ahead.
  • When turning in a crafting order, players now receive a system message telling them what they received.
  • Fixed a collision issue next to the door on mahogany wood houses.
  • Fixed collision issues on sunken ship.
  • Increased activation time on hearthstone and escape scrolls to match portal spell.
  • Fixed guild list not refreshing when new guilds are added.
  • Fixed guild wars kills not being counted and showing up on the War Details page.
  • Fixed issues with client crashing when gardening pots are placed.
  • Fixed an issue where stacking items in your backpack makes it so you can’t pick anything else up.
  • Can no longer use healing potions when affected by Mortal Strike.
  • Added a Gardening icon to the crafting window.
  • Fixed texture issues on healing shrine and harpies.
  • Guild wars icons now appear on the correct players.
  • Fixed not being able to drag a cooking pot.
  • Fixed issue with your character being invisible as a ghost.
  • Fixed issue where less than 1 damage could sometimes cause no damage.
  • Fixed issue with forced self resurrection.
  • Larger objects on plots can no longer be placed/moved to over edge of plot boundary.
  • Chests can now be unpacked directly onto tables.
  • Chests and tables should appear in the crafting menu again.
  • Items which buff carrying capacity now correctly do so.
  • Added mending potions to the potions test container.
  • Fixed shrine not clearing that you have visited in some situations.
  • Added a button to skip the launcher hash check.
  • Fixed an issue with target highlighting not displaying the correct color.
  • Fixed a bug causing poison spell damage not to be affected by the Power stat.
  • Dungeon chests should spawn more consistently now.
  • Button Mushrooms are now cookable, as intended.
  • Using the “Cook All” function on a cooking pot will no longer stall when cooking fails.
  • Filling a waterskin will now be interrupted by movement and performing actions.
  • Fixed an issue with the scroll window overlapping the search button in the Guild Wars Declare War window.
  • Empty guilds will no longer show up in the Guild War search list.
  • Fixed an issue where the creator of a guild is not made the leader.
  • Fixed keybind not working correctly with modifier.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not send /tell to GMs.
  • Fixed some actions (WASD movement) to work regardless of currently pressed modifier.
  • Sorted issue that would cause Auction UI to not update when plot was first foreclosed.
  • All shrines in catacombs are now red shrines.
  • Slows/stuns now properly affect NPC movement speeds.
  • Auto pick location of resurrect shrines, when corpse releasing, adjusted slightly to prevent some stuck situations.
  • Colossals will now despawn their adds when they die or re-enter their wander state.
  • Damage hit flash indicators cannot happen more than once per 2.5 seconds.
  • Added /togglehitflash command to disable combat damage hit flash completely.
  • Fixed an issue with players appearing and disappearing while mounted.
  • Awakening drakes are now sandy/gold to aid with visibility of tamed wyverns.
  • Fixed an issue where a new owner of the plot could not inspect and dress pre-existing vendor after the ownership has been transferred.
  • Fixed players not memorizing map for starting sub-region with disabled New Player Experience.
  • Players can only drop items onto pack horses they own or are owned by a group member.
  • Teleporting to a different region should now close your bank box before teleporting you.
  • Fixed issue with waterskins not working on hotbar and remove the ability to “Drink” from a waterskin.
  • Added X to incorrect client version dialog, fixed downloads button.
  • Buttons on a character creation window does not make sound when “turn off sound” button is on
  • Horse weight displays and holds 400 now in all cases
  • Changed Thread of Weightlessness to Elixir of Holding.
  • Fixed 25 chest spawn locations that were unreachable in dungeons and towns.
  • Vipers now deal poison damage.
  • Kickstarter reward mounts have been re-enabled.
  • Pets no longer follow you when releasing corpse.

Hotfix – June 5th 2019[edit | edit source]

  • Fix trying to pick up a locked down object not snapping back properly (this is a visual bug you can relog or run out of range and back and they will reappear)
  • Fix founders mask (and other objects) showing up white
  • Reduced lighting on bone candelabra
  • Fix Valus bank collision
  • Fix collision on road to mage shop in eldeir
  • Fix bridge in graveyard
  • Fix plants growing too quickly
  • Fix Dungeon Contempt Exit
  • Fix plants drying out prematurely
  • Fix teleporters not working for dead people
  • Fix character creation getting stuck

Hotfix – June 14th, 2019[edit | edit source]

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Tamed pets may now only die 5 times before they are permanently destroyed. Remaining lives are indicated in the pet’s title as follows:
    • 4 lives: Winded
    • 3 lives: Weary
    • 2 lives: Tired
    • 1 life: Exhausted
  • Pet Balance
    • Wyverns have been returned to a chance based spawn rate (approximately 1 per hour)
    • Other tameables have been buffed to afford tamers alternative and a diverse creature selection
    • Individual creatures changes:
      • Wyvern damage decreased by 25%
      • Wyvern health increased by 30%
      • Wyvern armor increased by 9%
      • Dread damage increased by 43%
      • Dread HP increased by 50%
      • Huntress/Hunter now require 2 slots instead of 4
      • Dire Wolf attack increased by 66%
      • Dire Wolf health increased by 120%
      • Dire Wolf armor increased by 9%
      • Emperor Scorpion attack decreased by 25%
      • Emperor Scorpion health increased by 66%
      • Emperor Scorpion armor increased by 40%
      • Dire Bear attack decreased by 33%
      • Dire Bear health increased by 488% (rawr)
      • Dire Bear armor increased by 64%
  • Stun Strike now requires Heavy or Light Armor proficiency in addition to existing requirements.
  • Hamstring now requires Heavy or Light Armor proficiency in addition to existing requirements.
  • The following skills have had their gain rates decreased:
    • Animal Taming
    • Animal Lore
    • Blacksmithing
    • Woodsmithing
    • Fabrication

Miscellaneous Hotfixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Spellchamber sometimes breaking your ability to cast certain spells.
  • Changed drop rate of colossal maps from treasure chests.
  • Items created in backpacks should now correctly update stack counts in their tooltips.
  • Fixed movement speed modifiers not affecting pets.
  • Fixed tree animations not resetting after respawning.
  • Fixed issue where plant soil would also dry out regardless if the plant grew or not.
  • Fixed plants growing too quickly because they didn’t check last grown timestamp.
  • Fixed an issue with in-game items changing to unintended color hues.

Allegiance Hotfixes[edit | edit source]

  • Allegiance King of the Hill events now rewards 2 salt every 5 seconds to controlling team members within 100 units of the flag who are rank 2 or higher.
  • Allegiance reward costs for cloaks, mounts, and godly weapon scrolls have been increased to account for increased salt income.
  • Salt weight reduced by one half.
  • Fixed a bug causing Allegiance event scoreboards to persist when changing regions while standing in an event area.
  • Earning score in the King of the Hill Allegiance event will now deduct score from other teams so that the hill is easier to flip.
  • Fixed a bug causing Allegiance chat to display incorrect ranks.
  • Increased the durability of Allegiance mount statues.

Sound Hotfixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where a burst sound of login music played when entering the map from login scene and a login scene sound is muted.
  • Fixed upper plains night music bug, night and day music now properly play at the right time of the day.
  • Fixed ambiences not looping properly in brace mines, caves, pirates grotto, ruin and vale of belhaven.
  • Added filter for outside ambience when entering pubs (will be extended to work in all indoor settings).
  • Fixed weapon impact sound not playing.