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Early Access v0.9.2
Date December 5th 2019
Version 0.9.2
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Early Access v0.9.0 -

Point Release 9 - December 5th 2019[]

What’s New[]

Ruleset Changes[]

  • Removed guarded zones outside of towns.
  • New criminal system replaces karma system:
    • Engaging in a negative action will result in a player being issued with the criminal flag, represented by a grey name.
    • Players who murder or assist in the murder of an innocent player are issued a murder count.
    • Players with a murder count of >= 5 will become Murderers, represented by a red name.
    • Individual murder counts require 24 hours of game time in order to decay.
    • Criminal timer is refreshed when conflict is advanced against a criminal by a player.
    • Players will turn red immediately when they hit 5 murders instead of waiting for the criminal timer.
    • After receiving a murder count, players will have an effect called “On the Run” prohibiting any fast travel for 10 minutes, applies to any criminal action.
  • Skill loss:
    • On death, players with a positive number of murder counts, a criminal, or murderer flag will experience skill loss.
    • Criminals and blues with murder counts will experience skill loss of between 0.1 to 0.5 skill points from a single skill.
    • Murderers experience stat loss of between 2.5 to 5.0 skill points from a number of skills determined by their murder counts:
      • 0 to 9 = 1 Skill
      • 10 to 19 = 2 Skills
      • 20 to 29 = 3 Skills
      • 30 to 39 = 4 Skills
      • 40+ = 5 Skills
    • Skill loss does not affect the skill’s Maximum Level Attained, this means that retrained skills will gain from the Retrain Skill Bonus (Multiplier of 3).
    • Skill loss is reverted when the afflicted players corpse is resurrected or upon returning to their own corpse.
    • The corpses of murderers and criminals can have their heads removed by other players, forcing the deceased player to release into a ghost.
    • When a head is removed, the afflicted player can no longer revert their skill loss via their corpse.
    • Severed heads may be consumed by their original owner, returning the associated stat loss skills.
    • Severed heads will rot after 10 hours if not turned in or consumed. A rotten head is strictly ornamental and has no further use.
    • When a Murderer is killed by (or their death was assisted by) another player, they are given the Capital Punishment debuff: All stats are reduced by 60% and the player is immune from stat loss for a duration of 20 minutes.
  • No mark/portal regions have been set around awakenings.
  • Barrens now has fast travel enabled everywhere else.
  • Initiate players will no longer lose their “Initiate” status by being in the Wilderness.
    • Toggling “Unlawful” will warn the player that they will lose their initiate status if they continue.
    • Initiate status is still lost after 180 minutes of gameplay.
  • Players are notified when a murder takes place in their region.
  • Added guard zones to Trinit and Belhaven.
  • Criminals and Outcasts receive a persistent informational buff.
  • Added character logout delays for the following conditions:
    • On the run: 3 minutes
    • In combat: 1 minute
    • Out of combat: 30 seconds
    • In inn or house (and out of combat): instant

Township Militias[]

  • Militias serve as a complete overhaul to the Allegiance system.
  • Pyros, Tethys, and Ebris are now the Township Militias of Pyros, Helm, and Eldeir. Militia emblems have been changed to represent their towns.
  • When enlisted in a Militia, the player also becomes a member of that Township (see Townships section).
  • Militia members have access to new items and equipment from their Township’s Trade Board.
  • Militia members may only attack each other when both have the “Militia Conflict” buff, which is automatically applied to players which are around Militia events. The buff lasts 10 minutes and is indicated by a player’s Militia insignia next to their name overhead.
  • Cleansing Spirits event has been removed.
  • Militia events are no longer scheduled but instead are triggerable by players, with cooldowns after events end.
  • Militia objectives show on the map globally to all Militia members and show information about the objective on the tooltip. Icons will show on the minimap (in addition to the full map) if an objective is active.
  • New Capture the Flag objectives added:
    • Flag stands added to Pyros, Helm, and Eldeir in order to hold Militia flags for Capture the Flag.
    • The objective is to carry one of the 3 Township flags from an enemy town’s flag stand to your own.
    • Upon capturing a flag, the capturing Militia gains control of that flag’s town. Banners in the captured town will change, and it cannot be stolen for a period of time afterwards. This cooldown scales depending on the current towns owned by the capturing Militia.
    • Flag carriers may not use fast travel, and flags may not be taken onto private property.
    • CTF flags are shown globally on the map to all Militia members.
  • Added a new global, persistent buff called Warlord’s Blessing for Militia and Township members that adds stats based on which of the 6 territories are controlled by their Militia. Each territory grants its own unique stats.
  • Cost of Allegiance/Militia Godly Weapon Scrolls increased from 42000 to 50000.
  • Cost of Allegiance/Militia horses reduced from 36000 to 18000.
  • Cost of Allegiance/Militia Lottery Boxes reduced from 6000 to 3000.
  • Removed all rank requirements from Militia rewards.
  • Militia titles now properly remove themselves from ineligible players.
  • Militia titles now colored according to your Militia Township.
  • Militia players will no longer receive rank/reward from kills when:
    • Not flagged for Militia combat
    • In the same group
    • In the same guild
    • On private property
  • “Salt” has been replaced with “Talents” as the universal militia currency.
  • PVP specific jewelry has been added to the militia vendor.

Leagues of Celador[]

  • Four new NPC factions called the “Leagues of Celador” have been added, they include:
    • League of Dungeoneers
    • League of Explorers
    • League of Artisans
    • League of Procurers
  • League of Dungeoneers
    • Provides quests for a specific dungeon each season. (Currently Corruption).
  • League of Explorers
    • Provides quests that take players to various Points of Interest around the world of New Celador
  • League of Artisans
    • Provides quests for a specific crafting profession each season. (Currently Fabrication)
  • League of Procurers
    • Provides quests for the collection of various items spanning crafting, gathering, and adventuring specialities.


  • Townships allow players to pledge their efforts to one of three towns: Helm, Eldeir, and Pyros.
  • Players can join a township by visiting the mayor for the respective town.
  • Players can only be a citizen of one town at any given time.
  • All Township Boards are accessible by any player, regardless of township affiliation:
    • All township boards use the same currency “Crowns”.
    • Five types of commodities can be traded: Crafted Armor, Crafted Weapons, Crafted Materials, Raw Materials, and World Drops.
    • Crafted armor and weapons have sub-par quality compared to that which can be created through crafting professions.

Dynamic Spawners & World Bosses[]

  • Dynamic Spawners have been placed throughout sewers, Corruption, and various points of interest.
    • Killing monsters has a chance to trigger the dynamic spawn event to start.
    • Spawn events progress through stages — stages can intensify as the number of players around the spawner increases.
    • Each dynamic event has a final stage boss that will drop lesser artifacts.
  • New World Bosses have began to spawn in New Celador, these bosses have unique encounters to challenge players. World bosses are non-hostile, unless attacked.
    • King Rhutkis
      • Rains meteor swarms down upon enemies.
      • Each meteor strike has a chance to spawn a “Fire Scorpion.”
    • Icharis
      • Has increased movement speed.
      • Lays spider nests throughout the fight.
      • Nests hatch after a few seconds spawning powerful spiders.
      • Nests that are destroyed spawn less powerful spiders.
    • Lord Lycaon
      • Has increased movement speed.
      • Vanishes periodically; reappears behind the weakest enemy and backstabs them.
      • Shapeshifts periodically, turns into a werewolf with increased attack power who hunts down the strongest enemy.
  • All dynamic spawners reward loot, based on participation, when the boss dies.

Crafting Professions[]

  • Carpenters, Blacksmithing, and Fabricators will be able to complete their respective professions and access some unique and highly sought after Passive Profession Abilities.
    • Carpenter, Blacksmith, and Tailor profession quests include deliveries, clothes modelling, and harvesting missions in the depths of Catacombs.
    • Each level of crafting passive grants the user the ability to craft trivial items at a much faster rate.
  • Added harvestable resource nodes for rare materials in Catacombs.
  • Fabrication, Blacksmithing, and Carpentry Crafter Professions can be stopped/resumed either by speaking to involved NPCs or within the Profession Window.
    • NPCs for these 3 professions will also have dialogue available for when a player is not meeting the requirements.
  • Magic scrolls are guaranteed to succeed when cast but have triple the cast time.

Resource Missions[]

  • Missions are now available from Stockers for the extraction of metals, wood, cotton, and fish.
  • Players will be given a destination to run missions and intercept resource spawns in the wilderness.
  • Missions will scale with respect to their required harvesting difficulty and chance to spawn highly sought after resources.
  • Mining missions now have 5 levels of difficulty to correct skill gains.

Martial Abilities[]

  • New Martial Abilities added. These are PvE oriented abilities which use the Martial Prowess Skill and a new resource system called Bloodlust.
    • Taunt
    • Defiance
    • Bloodlust
    • Vengeance
    • Enrage
    • Shield Wall
    • Demoralize
    • Execute
    • Nemesis
  • Martial Abilities can be used by obtaining a Martial Abilities book, similarly to bard songs and riddles.
  • Bloodlust is a new resource that is obtained by dealing and receiving damage.


  • Snooping must be done from a hidden character.
  • If you are revealed, you move, or the target moves out of range, the target’s pack is closed.
  • As soon as you try to snoop someone you are flagged a criminal regardless of success.
  • There is a basic skill check to see if you successfully snoop into someone’s pack.
  • Every 5 seconds there is a skill check to see if the person being snooped gets a message (“You feel someone rummaging through your pack.”).


  • Attempting to steal an item starts a conflict with that person, and you cannot steal from someone you have an active conflict with. Lasts 5 minutes.
  • The weight of what you can steal is dependant on skill. If something is too heavy, you will not attempt to steal it.
  • Chance to steal an item scales linearly with skill with a max of 50%.
  • If you fail to steal, you are revealed and the target is alerted.


Macros have been added and can be accessed through the chat command /macro.

  • Macros can be dragged to the hotbar.
  • Macros can have up to 21 steps.
  • Abilities, spells, craft icons, and custom commands can all be added to the macro interface by dragging and dropping them.
  • Macros can special conditions that can be added between steps they include;
    • Target Current
    • Target Self
    • Sleep (player determined duration)
    • Use Primary Ability
    • Use Secondary Ability
    • Repeat 1 time
    • Repeat 5 times
    • Repeat 10 times
    • Repeat Endlessly


  • Runebooks are blessed items that hold runes and allow players to teleport (using charges) or open portals (via portal spell) directly from the book.
  • Runebooks can be used from the ground and can be set to Public / Friends / Co-owners if locked down in a house.
  • Runebook is charged via the “Charge Runebook” manifestation spell and can hold up to 10 recall charges.
  • Added “Runebook” to inscription skill (no recipe required), Minimum skill to craft is 30.

Added “Charge Runebook” spell to inscription and high end scroll drops. (Difficulty 5 Manifestation spell).

  • Runes must be in your backpack to mark them in all cases.
  • Players that teleport using a player created Portal or by using the “Recall” option in a runebook will not be granted the 30 second cloak effect for changing regions.


  • Inscribed scrolls may now be cast without a mana cost, with 100% success, but experience substantially longer cast time.

Catacombs Revamp[]

  • Access
    • Catacombs skulls now drop on the three Awakening Bosses.
    • Activating the Catacombs entrance will now open a global portal, allowing all players to enter until Death is killed.
  • Teleporter
    • Teleporters now require all hostile creatures around them to be killed before they become active.
    • Many teleporters were removed to give the dungeon simplified progression.
    • Teleporters are now one-way.
  • Drop Rates
    • Drop rates on all Catacomb bosses have been adjusted to reflect the difficulty and time required to clear the dungeon.

Game Store Items[]

  • Added Blessed Torch of Unholy Flames
  • Added hair dyes.
  • Premium hairstyles for male/female characters including barbarian, mohawk, and dreads.

Enhancements & Adjustments[]

Combat & Abilities[]

  • Silence cooldown increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced damage of mana missile.
  • Song of Water mana regeneration effect reduced 25%.
  • Bandaging cooldown now altered based on player agility.
  • Bow damage has been returned to standard values.
  • Two handed weapon accuracy raised by 10%.
  • Bows will now notch when spells are targeted.
  • Added secondary abilities for bows:
    • Short: Stab
    • Long: Mortal
    • War: Overpower
  • Chance to resurrect with bandages changed from a flat 30% to a range from 10%-50% depending on Healing skill.
  • Maximum bandage timer at 10 Agility reduced from 24 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Healing Potions effectiveness is halved when under Poison debuff.
  • Attuned weapon durability loss has been halved.
  • Maximum bonus attack damage % from items is now properly capped at 150%.
  • Meteor damage now falls off based on distance from center.
  • Equipping a bow now causes the notching cooldown to trigger.
  • Bows will now take attack speed into account when determining Fire Arrow cooldown and arrow notch time.
  • Bows no longer dismount the player when equipped.
  • Brawling stun punch increased from 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Nemesis max difficulty reduced for 100% success at GM.

Crafting Orders[]

  • Crafting orders and rewards adjusted based on in-game economy.
  • Rewards should feel more appropriate to the difficulty and material investment of the order being filled.
  • Distribution of crafting orders should be more consistent and evenly balanced for skill level, recipe, and material types.
  • Loot tables for CO rewards have been completely rebalanced. Essences rewarded have been significantly increased.

Visual & Audio[]

  • Added new world lighting, environmental and static lighting.
  • Improved all Bard VFX.
  • Added new spell cast effects.
  • Added a new login screen.
  • Updated minimap to reflect new Barren Lands housing space.
  • Updated portal effects and audio.
  • Added new earthquake effects and sound.
  • Updated loading screens with New Dawn logo.
  • Added league cloaks.
  • Added township horse armor variants.
  • Added flag carrying effects for Eldeir, Pyros, and Helm.
  • Updated starting colors for new character clothing.
  • Set torches and nighttime lights to come on later (7pm).


  • Mage Grand Tower is now easier to place.
  • Players now gain 0.5 vitality per tick when gaining from a hearth and 1.0 vitality per tick when gaining from a bard.
  • Stat requirement to join a Militia lowered from 150 to 130.
  • Martial books have been added to scribes in Helm, Pyros, Eldeir, and Valus.
  • Enchanting now allows an item to be enchanted multiple times, up to a maximum of three enchants.
  • Awakening Quests now track kills per-kill.
  • Game notifies players when entering/exiting Awakening Areas.
  • Dye Tubs can now be used from the ground.
  • Dye Tubs can now have security settings if locked down in a house (public, friends, co-owner).
  • Players can now purchase items from merchants (vendors and hirelings) and pay for enchanting from their bank account if sufficient funds are not in their backpack.
  • Bard and Martial abilities now list resource requirements where applicable.
  • Taming now requires line of sight.
  • Doubled wood count in ash and blightwood trees.
  • Added skill bonus for chance to get double resources (min 0% max 50%) – previously it was flat 25%.
  • Reduced price of land deed.
  • All seeds can now be stacked.
  • Professions are now specifically named in dialogue rather than [Profession].
  • Belhaven, Oasis, and Black Forest Outpost crafting NPCs can now give Crafting Orders.
  • Runebooks can now be renamed from their context menus.
  • Fish respawn time has been increased.
  • Greater Void Shadow + trap room can now be fought in level 1 of Catacombs (Mage Quest – Grandmaster).
  • Runes must be in your backpack to mark them in all cases.
  • Humanoids and low level undead now have a chance to drop pouches.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed Charge™.
  • Iron and Obsidian Resource Nodes vein colors now display properly
  • Void Captain no longer fights Void Mages in Catacombs (Rogue Quest – Grandmaster).
  • The south most Ogre room in Contempt: Level 2 should no longer spawn monsters behind barriers.
  • Fixed issue with corpses not resurrecting properly in wilderness.
  • Fixed hireling merchants disappearing from plots.
  • Manifestation spells no longer cause magically attuned weapons to lose durability.
  • Fixed bug in mining pick causing people to get double resources.
  • Non-allegiance bards can no longer play beneficial songs on party members that are in an allegiance and in combat with an opposing faction member.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be turned away when asking for craft orders when the player is high skill but has no recipes.
  • Earthquake no longer damages the caster.
  • Barkus awakening drops now in line with other awakening spawns.
  • Fixed cloth physics issue affecting cloaks and vendor tents.
  • Fixed a bug causing dye tubs to temporarily break when no target is selected.
  • Fixed issue with non-player objects being unable to use prestige abilities.
  • Instant weapon abilities can no longer be used while stunned.
  • Fixed issue with Rune of Water giving inflated clearcasting chance.
  • Fixed missing segment in graveyard bridge.
  • Fixed collision issues with balconies in Corruption.
  • Added collision to 2nd level of Catacombs.
  • Fixed a bug with trading allowing item stacks to be added to the trade window when they should have been prevented from being picked up while trading.
  • Catacombs waywards can no longer be looted/killed.
  • Fixed a bug with trading allowing item stacks to be added to the trade window when they should have been prevented from being picked up while trading.
  • Appropriate training weapons should now be distributed from Profession Quests.
  • Recalling from a runebook multiple times should be functioning properly.
  • Fixed Dead Gate collision issues.
  • Added collision to Catacombs Hub Staircase.
  • No Teleport added to Pirate Grotto.
  • Adjusted Cultist spawn region to stop them from spawning in locked towers.
  • Wine goblets and pork platters are no longer stackable.
  • William Patrick in Belhaven will now always offer wares to all Township Militia members.
  • Casting a spell without a bow equipped should no longer trigger the “Notch” cooldown.
  • Players now properly teleports across doors as a ghost.
  • Fixed collision issues in Ruins of the Artificer.
  • Stone House Villa East and South can now have objects dropped inside them without snapping to center.
  • Fixed Alchemy Intro dialogue to say 10 blood, not 30 blood.
  • Murderer status now correctly set when murder count is 5 or greater.

Early Access Hotfix - December 6th 2019[]

Part 1[]

  • Fixed snooping skill gains.
  • Added Thief NPC to Eldeir village.
  • Flagbearers should no longer drop the flag when changing regions.
  • Fixed players getting multiple murder counts from same person.
  • Fixed issues with lockdown items.
  • Taming creatures should now work correctly.
  • Stopped displaying tax warning on Premium accounts.

Part 2[]

  • Criminal protection forced on login, does not apply to Murderers.
  • Confirmation dialog in order to disable criminal protection, does not apply to Murderers.
  • Attacking a grey player no longer increases criminal timer unless they attack back.
  • When grey flag expires, criminal protection will be re-enabled.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players with “On The Run” to use portals.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Militia King of the Hill events from triggering correctly.
  • Added messages for Crafting Order rewards.
  • Fixed a bug causing Militia flagbearer map markers to persist after returning a flag.
  • Pets no longer count as a murder.
  • Players can no longer snoop NPCs.
  • Fixed Belhaven and Eldeir guard zones

Early Access Hotfix - December 9th 2019[]

  • Fixed a bug causing Militia flags to disappear when crossing regions under some circumstances.
  • Seeds gathered prior to the “New Dawn” release should now stack properly.
  • Fixed snooping not showing items in pack.
  • Fixed issue with gardening pots and raised beds not displaying the correct tooltip.
  • Added exit portal at entrance of Catacombs level 2.
  • Tailor Profession Quest Tier 2 Step 8’s requirement reduced from 30 saddles & 30 bags to 20 saddles & 20 bags.
  • Bard riddles so no longer affect pets of non-criminal players or the bard’s own pets.
  • Using the primary weapon ability on a bow will no longer trigger the notch cooldown if the player is out of arrows. A warning is also displayed to let the player know they are out of their preferred arrow type.
  • Guild Window’s “Last Online” tab now shows Last Online date rather than the First Joining date.
  • Added Militia Rank 7 requirement to Godly Weapon Scrolls.
  • Hunting Knives no longer need to be equipped to harvest an animal corpse.
  • Fixed a bug causing Godly Weapon Scrolls to still add a Militia rank requirement to the target equipment.
  • Fixed ghost interaction with doors in dungeons like Ruin/Deception.
  • Placing an empty waterskin on your hotbar should now fill an empty waterskin each time you active it.
  • The “Fly You Fools” dynamic spawn event in Corruption has been re-worked to resolve event completion issues.
  • Casting “Portal” from the runebook interface will cancel the targeting cursor as it auto-targets the selected rune.
  • Adding runes to a runebook will no longer add an additional charge to the runebook.
  • Players can no longer fish from private property.
  • Fixed an issue with Dino Purple hair dye not being delivered to a player’s account mailbox upon purchase.