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Eldeir Village

Eldeir Village is the starting area in Celador in the Upper Plains. The village lies outside of the city of Petra. It is under the protection of the Guardian Order.


Formed by the refugees of Petra, Eldeir Village is located in the resource rich Upper Plains of Celador. Eldeir is known for its flourishing artisan community and bustling market place. Recently the Druidic Circle of Ebris have settled into the once peaceful village to begin recruiting for the God of Nature.


Map of Eldeir
  1. Bank
  2. The Inn
  3. Dispatcher Missions
  4. Tailor
  5. Alchemist
  6. Chef
  7. General Store
  8. Enchanting Table
  9. Tinker
  10. Scribe
  11. Petra
  12. Blacksmith
  13. Carpenter
  14. Woodsmith Tables
  15. Stable Master
  16. Mage Home
  17. Cotton Field
  18. Eldeir Sewer
  19. Ebris Allegiance Recruiter
  20. Healer
  21. Rogue Trainer
  22. The Arena and Training Dummies
  23. Gatekeeper
  24. West Gate
  25. South West Gate
  26. East Entrance To Town

NPCs of note[]