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Enchanting is not a skill. It is used to add powerful and targeted buffs to weapons, armor and shields using essence.

What you need[]

To use enchanting you will need an item to enchant EG. a golden Long Sword, upto 3 Essence and enough gold to pay for the enchantment.

How to use[]

To use Enchanting you need to use an Enchanting Table which can be found in each of the main towns. Upon using the table you will see the enchanting UI.


Place the item you would like to enchant in the largest box and then select up to 3 essences. You can use a maximum of 3 unique essences that do not give the same properties when enchanting.

Once you have selected the essences you would like to use you will be given a gold coin amount that you must have in your backpack. The gold cost is worked out as follows:

  • Damaged essence - 300 per essence
  • Normal Essence - 450 per essence
  • Pristine Essence - 600 per essence

Before committing to enchant you will be given the min and max stats that you can roll on the item.

Once you press enchant your item will be given it’s new properties. It will also be given a prefix and if more than 1 type of essence was used a suffix based on the last essence used on the table.




Essences are the backbone of enchanting and are used to add properties to your items and make them more powerful.


Essences are gained by doing Crafting orders. The type you get is based on which skill you are finishing crafting orders and level of essence the tier of crafting order. Each level of essence give you a better roll to get high properties on your item but will cost more gold to enchant. You can use a max of 3 unique essences when enchanting and each one must give a different property. All essence have 3 levels

  • Damaged - Provides marginal buff
  • Normal (has no prefix) provides a buff
  • Pristine / Greater - Provides a Substantial buff

Below is a list of essences:

Essence Effect Used on
Ishi Provides increased attack Bows
Patience Provides a chance to gain Centershot Bows
Roving Provides Accuracy Bows
Essence Effect Used on
Accuracy Provides Accuracy Weapons
Vanquishing Provides an increased attack Weapon
Speed Provides attack speed Weapons
Sturdy Provides bashing resistance Armor
Unyielding Provides piercing resistance Armor
Resilient Provides slashing resistance Armor
Essence Effect Used on
Flowing Provides Mana lower mana cost Armor
Translucent Provides a chance to enter Clearcasting Armor
Nimble Provides Increased Evasion Armor
Theurgy Provides Magic Resistance Armor
Rejuvenating Provides Increased Healing Armor
Essence Effect Used on
Shiny Provides a chance to block spells Shields
Expanding Provides Range Resistance Shields