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Entertainment skill is part of the Bard Profession and works in conjunction with Musicianship.

Entertainment requires a Song Book which contains a number of songs and riddles.

Use of the Entertainment skill appears to build the Intelligence and Wisdom stats.

Use[ | ]

Entertainment directly affects the potency of songs and riddles when used, the higher the skill level the more potent the song or riddle is.

You must use one of the following instruments to play songs and riddles:

Songs and Riddles[ | ]

Tier Song Effect Mana Cooldown Minimum Skill
2 Song of Thew Regenerates the health of nearby allies 10 15 sec. 20
5 Song of Earth Regenerates the stamina of nearby allies 10 15 sec. 50
7 Song of Water Regenerates the mana of nearby allies 10 15 sec. 70
Tier Riddle Effect Mana Cooldown Minimum Skill
1 Riddle of Indulgence Reduces targets resistance to spells for 10 seconds 10 12 sec. 0
3 Riddle of Stupidity Reduces target’s resistance to abilities for 10 seconds 10 12 sec. 30
4 Riddle of Virility Reduce healing effects on targets for 10 seconds 10 12 sec. 40
6 Riddle of Force Nearby creatures will receive increased physical damage for 10 seconds 10 1 sec. 60
7 Riddle of Havoc Nearby creatures receive increased magic damage for 10 seconds. 10 12 sec. 70
8 Riddle of Docility Small chance to render nearby creatures incapacitated for 10 seconds 10 1 sec. 80

Training[ | ]

Entertainment be learned by using the Solo ability and have players listen to your music or playing songs and riddles from then Song Book.

Cicada's Training/Skillgain Guide[ | ]

In general, you want to use the song or riddle that has the right difficulty for your skill level.

To find the recommended skill, multiply the "Tier" of difficulty by 10 (ex: Riddle of Indulgence is a Tier 1 Riddle, giving it a recommended skill of 10.0 to attempt).

You will normally be casting riddles or songs that are slightly beneath your current skill, as unlike with Manifestation and Evocation, a failed song or riddle will use mana. In general, Successful skill checks appear to yield more skillgain.

Training Notes[ | ]

  • To start, buy Entertainment to 30.0 from a Bard for 300 Gold.
  • For single-target riddles (Riddle of Indulgence, Riddle of Stupidity, Riddle of Virility), find non-hostile targets (Chickens, Horses, Hinds, Turkeys, Brown Bears, etc.) and use the riddle on them. Allow the riddle to play out — you will continue to get skill checks while the riddle is active on the target.
  • At about 60.0 skill, you can begin spamming Riddle of Force for gains through 90.0 — Riddle of Force has a 1 second cooldown, allowing it to be spammed for more skill check(s).
  • At about 80.0 skill, you can begin spamming Riddle of Docility for gains all the way through 100.0 (GM) — Riddle of Docility has a 1 second cooldown, allowing it to be spammed for more skill check(s).
  • Switch between songs and riddles while grinding/adventuring for variety.
Song/Riddle Skill Gain Range
Riddle of Indulgence 0.0 - 40.0
Song of Thew 20.0 - 50.0
Riddle of Stupidity 30.0 - 60.0
Riddle of Virility 40.0 - 70.0
Song of Earth 50.0 - 80.0
Riddle of Force 60.0 - 90.0
Song of Water 70.0 - 100.0
Riddle of Havoc 70.0 - 100.0
Riddle of Docility 80.0 - 100.0

Additional Notes[ | ]

  • You can still attempt to cast higher-tier songs and riddles at any level, but it will not yield skill gains unless you are within range of successfully casting it.
  • When you can play Song of Water reliably, use it to regenerate mana — Song of Water is just as good as the mage Meditation ability.
  • For super fast regeneration, If you have Meditation, play Song of Water first, before meditating. Song of Water will temporarily stack with Meditation for insanely fast mana regeneration for a short while.
  • At roughly 30.0 skill points above a given Song/Riddle's difficulty, you will have a 100% chance of success, and skillgains will stop, so switch it up often.