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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.9.0.

Evocation is no longer an active skill it was combined with Manifestation to become Magery with the full release patch. Magery combines offensive and support magic spells into one skill.

  • Each spell has a reagent cost to cast, these can be gathered from the wild, found as loot, or bought from an alchemy shop or herbalist.
  • Spells have a Base Damage which is increased further based on the Magic Affinity skill, Magic Attunement and the Intelligence stat also increases your damage with your spells, but to a much lesser extent than Magic Affinity.
  • The Wisdom stat reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy spells.
  • The Channeling skill is recommended since it enables you to recover mana much faster.

Spells[ | ]

Icon Difficulty Spell Description Reagents Required Mana Cast Time Recommended skill* 100% Success rate**
Manamissle 1 Mana Missile Shoots a arcane missile that does damages the target on impact. Lemon Grass 4 .5s 10.0 40.1
Ruinspell 2 Ruin Harm your opponent Moss 6 1s 20.0 50.1
Spell evoc fireball 3 Fireball Shoots a flaming ball that does fire damage to the target on impact. Lemon Grass 9 1.5s 30.0 60.1
Spell evoc poison 3 Poison Poisons the target dealing damage over time and reducing healing. Mushrooms 9 1.5s 30.0 60.1
Spell evoc lightning 4 Lightning Lightning strikes the target doing instant direct damage. Moss 11 1.5s 40.0 70.1
Spell evoc walloffire 4 Wall of Fire Creates a wall of fire between 2 points. Lemon Grass 11 1.5s 40.0 70.1
Rayoffrost 5 Ray Of Frost Shoots a ray of frost that does damages the target on impact. Lemon Grass 14 1.5s 50.0 80.1
Rockbombardment 6 Rock Bombardment Launch a large boulder towards the target. Mushrooms 20 2s 60.0 90.1
Energybolt 6 Energy Bolt Shoots a bolt of ball lightning at your opponent. Moss 20 2s 60.0 90.1
Meteorspell 7 Meteor Bombards the target location with a meteor, doing a sizable amount of damage. Lemon Grass 40 2s 70.0 100.0

(99% success rate)

Earthquake 8 Earthquake Shakes the earth around the caster dealing damage. Lemon Grass 100 2.5s 80.0 -

*This is based of the formula Difficulty level * 10 = Minimum skill required, however you are able to cast the spells at a lower skill but with exceedingly low success rate.

**Based on the formula Difficulty level * 10 + 30.1

Training Guides[ | ]

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If your skill is below 30.0 then visit a mage NPC to buy training, this will put you at 30.0 skill points.

During your adventures, you'll need to fill up your spellbook with scrolls to able to cast additional spells. Visit a player vendor to buy the scrolls you need or use Inscription to craft them.

Be sure to move around a lot between casting spells, as standing still seems to decrease your chance to increase certain skills.

Training evocation will be expensive because of the Reagents cost, make sure you earn enough copper from your kills to outweigh the cost of casting the spells, for example a lurker generally drops around 30 copper, so you want to spend less than 4-5 spells killing it to earn back the reagents.

You'll start earning more of a profit from evocation when you start hunting in graveyards.

Mana-Efficient guide[ | ]

This guide focuses on casting the highest difficulty spell at each level, you'll be failing to cast spells a lot of time, which still grants you skill points but doesn't exhaust your mana as fast. The general rule of thumb is the spell difficulty * 10 is a good starting place to cast that spell.

  • 30-40: Cast Fireball on lurkers in one of the sewers found in the major cities. This will grant you some copper to purchase reagents while still being in a safe environment.

    Tip: You can craft your own Fireball scroll with Inscription, it only requires 3.5 inscription, the Blank Scroll for crafting it can be purchased from scribe shops for 10 copper.

  • 40-50: Cast Lightning on lurkers.
  • 50-60: Cast Ray of Frost; at this point you can continue at a graveyard, killing skeletons and zombies. They're more difficult than lurkers but yield more copper.

    Tip: Kite your target to avoid taking damage and try to not pull more than one monster at a time.

  • 60-70: Cast Energy Bolt, since you'll be failing to cast a lot in the beginning it's best to stay at a graveyard. But eventually you'll be killing zombies and skeletons much faster with the higher damage spell.
  • 70-90: Cast Meteor, since it would be exceptionally hard to kill even simple monsters with Meteor at this point, just run around in the woods and cast Meteor. This will not earn you any copper though so it's a more expensive approach.
    • Alternative 70-90: Continue with Energy Bolt, when you've reached 70 Evocation you're able to cast Energy Bolt quite reliably. At this point, you can seek out harder challenges than graveyards, such as the Halls of Corruption dungeon. However, you'll need to be able to heal yourself efficiently, so it's recommended to have a higher skill in Manifestation, or at least 60 Healing and Vigor. Having Wisdom at 25 or higher will lessen the magic damage you take from enemy casters.
  • 90-100: At this point you'll be casting Energy Bolt with 100% success rate, which means you're unable to gain any skill points from it. To grind up the last points, your best bet is to cast Meteor, since Earthquake is generally not worth it.

Secondary guide[ | ]

This guide focuses on using spells which you have a higher chance of successfully casting, which enables you to kill enemies faster and more reliably, thus keeping your reagents cost down.

Start your adventures in the sewers, then move on to graveyards at around 40 to 45 evocation.

  • 30-35: Ruin/Mana Missile
  • 35-45: Fireball/Poison
  • 45-55: Lightning/Wall of Fire
  • 55-65: Ray of Frost
  • 65-75 (up to 90): Energy Bolt/Rock Bombardment
  • 75-100: Meteor/Earthquake

Sojourn's guide[ | ]

Once you reach level 30, preferably starting with or paying for it as stated above, if starting out as a mage you have 100 of each reagent. if you paid for it, you will have to buy the reagents. none the less you will be buying them no matter.

start buy unloading all 100 lemon grass into yourself using mana missile. if you can afford the reagents, buy more and do this until 40. if not, go into the sewers. once in the sewers, cast ruin on the lurkers, and only the lurkers. you will not succeed every time but will gain skill. cast heal when needed as well. keep doing this until you reach 50 then start using lightning. once you get to 60+ switch to energy bolt. do this until 80+. with this you can easily train to 80 in the sewers. the lurkers end up paying for each reagent, but not much else. after 70-80 go to the graveyard and use meteor. or go to the newbie dungeon. but none the less, the mage can be GM'ed in the protected areas pretty easily. have fun!

Cicada's Skillgain Log/Grinding Guide[ | ]

I loosely tracked my skill gains and reagent use in Evocation from 30.0 through 100.0, along with reagents, reagent cost (if purchased from vendor), and spell(s) used.

I begun casting harder difficulty spells earlier for mana-efficiency, and get more skill checks per session since a fizzled cast does not use mana.

From about 94, I switched between Meteor and Earthquake, favoring Meteor for the mana-efficiency -- Successful casts of Earthquake use up nearly all of your mana (at 50 INT), requiring more time to regen.

Note: This is not an absolute Evocation building guide, but simply a log of my experience. YMMV.

Cicada's Skillgain Log – Evocation 30.0 - 100.0 (GM)
Reagent(s) Used Spell Starting Skill Ending Skill Gain Reagent Cost
187 Lemon Grass Spell evoc fireball Fireball 30.0 36.4 +6.4 748 Gold
170 Moss Spell evoc lightning Lightning 36.4 41.3 +4.9 850 Gold
900 Moss Spell evoc lightning Lightning 41.3 62.1 +20.8 4500 Gold
500 Lemon Grass Rayoffrost Ray of Frost 62.1 69.2 +7.1 2000 Gold
200 Moss Energybolt Energy Bolt 69.2 72.4 +3.2 1000 Gold
400 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 72.4 78.9 +6.5 1600 Gold
300 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 78.9 81.0 +2.1 1200 Gold
600 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 81.0 83.3 +2.3 2400 Gold
1000 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 83.3 85.2 +1.9 4000 Gold
900 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 85.2 88.4 +3.2 3600 Gold
900 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 88.4 88.9 +0.5 3600 Gold
700 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 88.9 90.8 +1.9 2800 Gold
800 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 90.8 93.3 +2.5 3200 Gold
1000 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 93.3 96.6 +3.3 4000 Gold
600 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 96.6 97.8 +1.2 2400 Gold
600 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 97.8 99.1 +1.3 2400 Gold
341 Lemon Grass Meteorspell Meteor 99.1 100.0 +0.9 1364 Gold

Reagent Running Costs[ | ]

Qty Reagent Cost
8828 Lemon Grass 3 Platinum 5312 Gold
1270 Moss 6350 Gold
Total Reagent Costs 4 Platinum 1662 Gold

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your evocation skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

Helpful tips[ | ]

  • Starting at 30, you can start casting Fireball which greatly improves your ability to kill things.
  • Ray of Frost & Energy Bolt both have a component that can slow the target.
  • When cast, Rock Bombardment has about a 2 second delay before it lands, although if you successfully cast it the mob will attack you right away even though you haven't done any damage yet.
  • Meteor and Earthquake will also damage the caster.
  • You cannot cast Earthquake in town due to its disruption of players.
  • Earthquake & Meteor require line of sight to affect targets.