Legends of Aria Wiki

F.A.Q. *Work In Progress*

General Questions[ | ]

Is Legends of Aria free to play?[ | ]

Yes. Well, mostly yes. A free account gives you full access to the game but excludes land ownership and the DLC content.

What is Legends of Aria? Is it PvP, PvE, an MMO or what?[ | ]

Legends of Aria is whatever you make of it. There is a healthy PvP and PvE community. You can play solo or with friends. Keep to yourself and be a crafter and merchant that tries to dominate the economy, go red and kill any and all you see, protect and assist citizens of Aria and hunt the murderous reds down, wander through the wilderness and befriend the animals you find, explore dangerous dungeons, or simply go fishing and hope to find a treasure map.

The options are fairly limitless. We have many types of players from fighters to people who just like to hoard items and decorate. There is a place for any type of gameplay here.

I’m trying to buy items from NPCs but they aren’t listing any items for sale. What gives?[ | ]

In Legends of Aria, town NPCs have items for sale displayed around them. These items can be bought from the vendors by double clicking them. You will see the prices when you mouse over them. The first few trips around town it is advised to press and hold left control around vendors to see items you can interact with.

Okay I can buy their items but what happens if they run out of stock?[ | ]

Each vendor has a limited stock of the items they sell. This can be single digits or nearly a thousand of an item. If an item is out of stock, don’t worry, vendors restock hourly and you can always check another town as well.

What do I do with all this awesome loot I got off my victims?[ | ]

Unlike most games, NPCs will have little interest in the gear you found while slaying a lich and will not be likely to purchase it. The best options for the loot you find is to either keep it for throw-away gear, donate it through the town boards, or set up a vendor and sell it to other players.

Stats & Skills[ | ]

What are stats and what are the limits?[ | ]

Stats are broken down into 5 types: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Will.

Strength determines your hitpoints, how much you can carry and your attack value.

Agility determines how much stamina you have and you speed of attack and bandaging.

Intelligence determines your mana pool and power value.

Wisdom reduces damage taken from spells.

Will lowers the chance of being stunned.

Between these stats you can divide a total of 150 points. No one stat can go below 10 or above 50. Starting out you will need to earn your stats by doing relevant actions or skills.

In game, hit C to open the character menu and you will see your stats listed to the left. Next to each number, you will see an arrow. You can click this to shuffle between up, down, or lock.

When the arrow is up you can gain more in the skill, assuming points are available and you aren’t at 50.

If you put the arrow down, this will let you drop a stat lower over time. Usually, this is used to correct or respec.

Last is the lock. This lets you lock the value, making sure it does not increase or decrease. Remember to lock your stats when reaching the desired value.

A note about training stats, quoted from Terranius:

"Wisdom/will can only get to 15 from a training dummy. It requires you to have double the skill to get a point in it, for example at 80 hiding you can get to 40 wisdom/will. You can only get 30 skill from a dummy so max 15 for wis/will

However, STR and AGI are not like that, so you can lock brawling to 0 and punch a training dummy to get 50 STR. Also, lock Vigor and Martial Prowess to 0 and get AGI to 50

How it works is, when you are brawling a dummy for example, the game checks "CAN I get skill for this?" If the answer is yes, you have a change to gain STR as well. However, the game does not check "Can I ACTUALLY get skill for this", which you can't since you've locked it at 0.

In short, you CAN get 30 brawling, even if locked to 0, so therefor it will award STR as well, all the way to 50."

What skills are available and how many can my character learn?[ | ]

Currently, there are 36 different skills. Mastering a skill completely means getting that skill to 100 points. Any one character can have up to 600 skill points broken down however they see fit. Some players go for pure 6 x GM (100/max) skills. Others like to utilize more skills and divide the points in a variety of ways. Reading up or asking others about builds that will suit your play style is a good way to start your first character(s).

By default you will have access to 4 character slots. It is best to decide early what each of those slots will be dedicated to. If you wish to craft for instance, you could have one character that has the major crafting skills and another character that gathers the resources for your crafter.

I’m trying to train a skill and it won’t go up! What is wrong?[ | ]

There could be a few issues here.

First make sure you have skill points available. Remember you can only have a total of 600.

Next make sure that the skill isn’t locked to a specific value. If you press K and open your skill book, you will see a list of the skills available to you. Go through the pages and select the skill in question. This will open the skills own dedicated page. This page lists information about the skill and below that description you will see a bar with a slider you can adjust. Make sure the slider is at the desired location you want the skill to reach. Do not slide it in the wrong direction, this could erase skill points earned! There is a confirmation pop-up so don’t be too scared.

Next, make sure you are doing something you can actually learn from. If you are training magery, for example, you will need to try higher levelled spells as your skill gets higher. You cannot master a skill simply by repetition.

Another issue can be what you are fighting. You can only learn so much by punching rats to death. Move on to bigger and better targets to continue to learn a skill completely.

A final note on this is that there are other options to raise skills. In town you can find NPCs that can give missions.

What are missions?[ | ]

Missions come in 3 variations.

First we have the Resource Dispatcher.

This NPC will give you the option to select a mission that involves gathering skills: gathering, logging, mining, fishing.

Next is the Mission Dispatcher

These missions are designed for combat. This NPC will give you choices of enemies to hunt and kill to complete an objective.

Lastly is the Rancher.

Missions granted by the Rancher are intended for training Animal Taming and its affiliated skills. These missions will send you off to tame a pack of animals.

Each time you accept a mission it will be within the region you are in. The mission description will give you a clue to the general area.

Once accepted an icon is placed on the map that tells you where to find the mission. Also note that missions are timed. There is usually ample time to complete them though.

If you find the missions suggested to you to be undesired, simply talk to the NPC again. This will grant new mission options.

Once you finish a mission you are automatically rewarded for your success. You will receive a payment that is deposited into your bank.

Crafting Orders[ | ]

Crafting orders are received from the blacksmiths, tailors, and carpenters of each town. The orders can be received by simply talking to the the corresponding npc and selecting 'I request a service' and then, 'About crafting orders'. Each NPC will give you a choice of 3 possible crafting orders. Once 1 is selected, the NPC will not grant another for 30 minutes or until you turn in a completed crafting order. Crafting orders are important to complete as a crafter because the rewards grant recipes to craft new items, among other rewards. Any level of crafting order can grant a recipe.

Traveling in Celador[ | ]

How can I get around quicker? There are several options for traveling through the world. First we'll start with mounts.

Mounts[ | ]

Mounts can be purchased, tamed, earned, or rewarded. The first mount you will own is likely to be a horse. Horses can be purchased at any town that has a stable. When you get to a stable you may see a few horses hanging out. Double clicking on these horses will allow you to purchase them. Basic horses run 500 Gold when purchased at a stable.

While discussing the stables and mounts, you can buy a saddle at stables as well. This item will convert your ordinary, boring horse into a statuette of itself. Simply double click it and target your horse and like magic, your horse will fit inside your pack for safe keeping. Simply double click the statuette to be mounted on your horse again. This action is subject to the same delay as mounting a horse.

Gatekeepers[ | ]

Gatekeepers are towers you can find throughout the land that are accompanied by an npc. When you find one of these locations you can travel to any other gatekeeper tower almost instantly. Talk to the mage nearby and let them know where you would like to travel and they will attune you with magic to teleport there. Once you get the go ahead from the mage, just walk into the tower and travel instantly to the selected location. Currently there are 8 gatekeeper towers and you can travel to any of them from any other tower.

When you travel to these towers, the immediate area around them is protected by the mage occupying the area. You will often find many player shops near these gatekeeper towers as well, as it is considered prime real estate.

Magic and Rune books[ | ]

The most common way to get around is with spells and runebooks. Magery or scrolls are the key components in using these travel methods.

With magery and scrolls, you are provided the ability to mark runes, recharge runebooks and open portals. Runes are little stone-like objects that can be purchased from general merchants in town and cost 200 Gold. Once you have a rune, you can cast the spell Mark on it, assuming you have the needed level of magery or you have a Mark scroll. Use the spell or scroll on the rune and, if successful, the rune will slightly change shape and name. This rune is now linked to the exact location you stood at when you casted upon it. Don't forget to right click this newly marked rune and rename it to something memorable.

Now that you have a marked rune you can use it to quickly travel to that location using magery, scrolls, or a runebook. Most people use runebooks for storing their runes because runebooks are blessed and do not drop on death, which means your runes inside are safe as well. If you place the rune into the runebook you can always take it back out. When a rune is in the book, opening the book will show you the name of the rune. Clicking on the name will bring you to its page where you will find four options: Remove, Rename, Recall, and Cast Portal. For traveling, we will pay attention to Recall and Portal. Recall can be used if your runebook has charges. Charges are added to runebooks through scrolls or magic, using Charge Runebook. The other option, portal, requires you have high enough magery and Moss, the reagent needed for casting the spell. Portal will open up a visible portal usable by anyone near it. Portals change colors based on where there destination is; portals that lead to town are blue.

Hearthstones[ | ]

This is the fourth way to travel that I don't really count because it has a long timer (30 minutes) and is more reliable for escapes or going home than actually getting around. There are two types of hearthstones, the one you start off with and there are cursed hearthstones. Cursed hearthstones are a one time use item while regular hearthstones are limited only by their timer. You can interact with hearths in towns or a bind stone to change the location your hearthstone is linked to.

Land and Home Ownership[ | ]

How can I own land?[ | ]

First you need to be a citizen of Aria. This means either being a backer, buying one of the pre-purchase bundles, buying the citizenship outright on the shop, or subscribing for 3 months or more.

Next you will need to purchase a land deed. These are usually acquired at a carpentry shops found in most towns. Sometimes players will sell them on their vendors as well. At the carpenter they cost 2 Platinum 8000 Gold.

Once you have a land deed, set out of town and find a desirable place that is open and free of rocks, trees and other objects that cannot be a part of your property. Some areas of the map may restrict land ownership, just keep looking there is plenty of land to be claimed.

When you find a good spot, you will double click the deed and target the ground. If all conditions are acceptable, you will now be the owner of a 12 x 12 lot. The best next action is to select resize lot from the land ownership menu in the manage tab. This will allow you to see how much space in that area you can own if you choose to expand and odds are you will want to. You can play around with this and resize the proposed lot size without paying anything. If you commit the change, it will cost you based on the size selected. You should also take into account that the larger the land, the more weekly tax a property will have. You can read more about land and home ownership as well as how taxes are calculated here.

I have land, how do I own a house?[ | ]

You can get house deeds a number of ways, from other players shops, inside of carpentry shops or even as rewards for certain tasks. When you get a house deed this simply gives you the foundations of building a house. Take the deed back to your plot and place it in the desired location. Once you place it you will notice that there is no house! This is because you will need to “build” it. A basic foundation and construction area will show up where the house is going to be built, when you mouse over it, it will give you a pop-up displaying how many resources will be needed to build the house. As you collect the resources, simply drop them into the foundation area to add to the total needed.

My house is finished, how do I manage my friends, containers, and furniture?[ | ]

Now that your house is built you will notice that next to the door is a house sign. Stand close to this and interact with it. This will open a window that is very similar to the plot menu but there are a few important differences. This menu is called House Control.

First up is the Security tab. Here you can add co-owners and friends to the house.

Co-owners will have full access to the house, meaning they can open all containers and doors, interact with and move any items, as well as lock down or release items in the house.

Friends will be able to come and go through the door but can only use assigned items and containers.

Next is the Decorate tab. Here you can see how many items can be locked down and secure containers can be placed inside the house. These numbers vary based on the size of the house. This tab is basically the same whether accessed from the plot mailbox or house sign.

The first button on this page is Decorate. When you select decorate it will give you a target mouse pointer. Select a locked down item, secure container or unpacked furniture to give you options to tweak the location of the selected item. Items can be moved in the cardinal directions as well as higher and lower. The items can only go so far and must stay within the confines of the house.

The next button is Lock Down. This button is important and must be used precisely! When you place or drop an item anywhere in the house, it can and will decay/vanish after a certain amount of time. That is, unless you lock it down. Make sure you do not misclick when using this, if you fail to lock an item down and it decays, it will not be replaced! After an item is locked down you can mouse over it and the words “Locked Down” should be added below the items name. IF you are having difficulty locking an item down, hold left control on your keyboard and target the item by the name that pops up.

After that you will see the Release/Pack button. This button lets you unlock any locked down items that you target. Once you unlock an item it is subject to decay again, so do not forget to either lock it back down or put it in a locked down or secure container. The button also “packs” items. Many furniture items come as crates and need to be unpacked or installed in a house. Once you place these items, they are already safe from decay and will be tagged as locked down. They can be moved the same way as other items but if you want to remove them you will need to pack them back up into a crate and this button does just that.

The last button in the Decorate tab is Customize Mailbox. This is a new feature and the options unlock after you subscribe for either 12 or 24 months. If you have these unlocked you can choose between the default wooden, 12 month reward stone mailbox, or the 24 month reward fancy mailbox.

The final tab in House Control is Manage.

The first button here is Rename. This simply allows you to change the name of the house. If you set a specific name the house’s sign will display the name when you mouse over it.

Next is Kick Strangers From House. This button is pretty self explanatory, it kicks people in your house outside. This button does not work on co-owners, friends, guild mates, or party members so be careful of who you trust inside your house!

Kick is the next button. This button will give you a target and allow you to manually kick a specific person outside of your house. This works on anyone who isn’t a co-owner (need to verify).

The final button to be found is Destroy. This button will destroy your house, turning it back into a deed. The resources spent to build the house will be lost so do not click this hastily.

In-game purchases, cash shop, and bundles[ | ]

This game has a cash shop, does that mean it is pay-to-win?[ | ]

No is the general consensus. There are a few desirable items on the cash shop that tend to get sold to other players from time to time, but for the most part the items available are quality of life and character customization.

Does that mean I am free to sell or gift purchased items?[ | ]

Yes, this is allowed.

So what are these items I can buy and what can they do?[ | ]

You can read more about the items available here.

Can my purchased items be lost or stolen?[ | ]

Yes. While items that are labelled blessed are safe in your inventory, even if you die, you are still responsible for keeping your items safe. If you drop an item, have it stolen or gave it away, it will not be replaced. When making a purchase, pay attention to see if an item says blessed or not because many items on the shop can be dropped on death, looted, or stolen if they are not blessed.

So everything I can purchase is available through the in-game shop?[ | ]

Nope. If you visit the official LoA Shop website, you will see starter pack bundles and even a gifting option for the DLC.

How does gifting DLC work?[ | ]

When the Dark Sorcery DLC gift is purchased on the site you will be emailed a code to enter either in game or through the webiste. The code will be sent to the email address affiliated with your login. Once you have the code, either login to the site, go to the dashboard and enter the code in the game codes box or log into game, open the in-game store, select the redeem tab and enter the code there.

Macroing and Third Party Programs[ | ]

What is macroing?[ | ]

Macroing is the act of making a task either automated or easier to execute. Macros come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple key press that will auto-fill information into a document, to creating a way to automate any and all actions without a user needed.

So is macroing allowed?[ | ]

Mostly, no. You can run an in-game macro with the tools allotted, such as using the /macro or /custom commands in game but you must supervise your character at all times. Sometimes you may be checked in on and need to be able to respond to staff checking on your character. This simply means, if your character is doing something, you need to be watching.

Then what about third party programs?[ | ]

This is a big no-no. You can get in serious trouble if caught using programs to automate gameplay. Even using something like your keyboards software to record and repeat actions is technically illegal.

So macroing isn't allowed but they added tools for making macros?[ | ]

Yeah, it can be a little confusing. Macroing that is allowed is usually for making a multi-step task easier. The most common if probably bandaging. Using the /macro command you can turn a multi click or press action into a single button press. These types of macros are allowed because they simply help with quality of life rather than give you an advantage or try to cheat the system.

I often see people macroing and they are unresponsive[ | ]

These players are either just not paying attention to other players or they are macroing illegally. If you feel like they are abusing the system you can report them. Usually you can spot the difference between these two types of macros simply by observing. Macros tend to have exact values, so if a player is walking in the same exact pattern of performing the same actions in robotic fashion, these players are likely afk.

Where can I learn about the in-game macro systems?[ | ]

You can check out info about commands and /custom here. There is also a decent example for making a macro in game here.

Tips, Tricks & Bugs[ | ]

What are some important things that people usually learn about the hard way?[ | ]

  • This is a full loot game. This means that if you die in an unprotected area, you can lose all the items on you, including what you are wearing.
  • The slider on skills can instantly erase a skill. Some people may be used to the idea of setting a skill to lower but in Legends of Aria you can instantly forget a skill all the way to 0 if you so choose.
  • While the game is out of Early Access, there are still bugs. Notable bugs to know about before they happen to you:
  • Item or items stuck on your pointer.
If when this happens, don’t panic and simply relog to fix the issue. The item will usually go back to it’s original location before becoming stuck on your mouse. This bug happens for a variety of reasons, from trying to pick up something out of sight, trying to pick up something that isn’t there anymore (caused by a desync between the client and server), or sometimes because it just feels like happening to you. Again, don’t panic, don’t try any “fixes” and just relog.
  • Trading when you or the other party could end up overweight.
There is a bug that can make items vanish if a trade is cancelled and the person or persons trying to trade items cannot handle the weight they are trading. Most commonly caused when trading items from the bank. This is easy to avoid once you know of its existence. Break heavy stacks down and make a couple extra trades just to be safe or use alternative methods of trading. Always trade items in from your pack and not from a bank or container.

• The tamer and Mission dispatcher quest givers, if you double click on NPCs it will create news quests which is great because you can get all them near each other.

  • Sorcery is not meant for a first character or new player.
To begin sorcery you need special weapons that are not easy to come by for new players. It is best to save this for a second or third character.

Troubleshooting[ | ]

  • The game won't load past the fmod screen or is unresponsive.
Some users have reported this issue and so far it appears to be caused by clicking the opening or logo screens. The workaround is usually simple, launch the game and alt-tab to a different window for a minute or so and the game should load.