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Fabrication is a trade skill and allows the creation of cloth and leather items. The higher the skill, the better things that can be made.


Armor that is crafted will get a bonus.

Defense and Durability bonuses are randomly generated, weighted on both the craft skill and the resource used:

  • Maximum Defense bonus from crafting skill: 1
  • Maximum Durability bonus from crafting skill: 50
  • Maximum Defense bonus of: 3
  • Maximum Durability bonus from resource: 200

Crafted items[]


Name Skill Materials Yield
Bolts of Cloth 0.0 1 Cotton 5 Cloth Bolts
Quilted Cloth 30.0 1 Fluffy Cotton 5 Quilted Bolts
Silk Cloth 50.0 1 Spider Silk 5 Silk Bolts
Leather 0.0 1 Leather Hide 3 Leather
Beast Leather 30.0 1 Beast Leather Hide 3 Beast Leather
Vile Leather 50.0 1 Vile Leather Hide 3 Vile Leather


Type Armor Armor Style Prefix (Material Used) Skill Req. # Material Requires Recipe
Head Padded Helm Cloth Cloth 40 10 Bolts of Cloth no
Quilted 45 10 Quilted Cloth no
Silk 50 10 Silk Cloth no
Linen Helm Cloth Cloth 49 10 Bolts of Cloth yes
Quilted 54 15 Quilted Cloth yes
Silk 59 15 Silk Cloth yes
Leather Helm Light Leather (no prefix) 73 8 Leather yes
Beast Leather 78 8 Beast Leather yes
Vile Leather 83 8 Vile Leather yes
Hardened Helm Light (no prefix) 82 8 Leather yes
Beast Hardened 87 12 Beast Leather yes
Vile Hardened 92 12 Vile Leather yes
Legs Padded Legs Cloth Cloth 43 15 Bolts of Cloth no
Quilted 48 15 Quilted Cloth no
Silk 53 15 Silk Cloth no
Linen Legs Cloth Cloth 52 15 Bolts of Cloth yes
Quilted 57 15 Quilted Cloth yes
Silk 62 15 Silk Cloth yes
Leather Legs Light (no prefix) 76 12 Leather yes
Beast 81 12 Beast Leather yes
Vile 86 12 Vile Leather yes
Hardened Leggings Light (no prefix) 85 12 Leather yes
Beast 90 12 Beast Leather yes
Vile 95 12 Vile Leather yes
Torso Padded Chest Cloth Cloth 46 15 Bolts of Cloth no
Quilted 51 15 Quilted Cloth no
Silk 56 15 Silk Cloth no
Linen Chest Cloth Cloth 55 15 Bolts of Cloth yes
Quilted 60 15 Quilted Cloth yes
Silk 65 15 Silk Cloth yes
Mage Robes Cloth Cloth 65 20 Bolts of Cloth yes
Quilted 70 20 Quilted Cloth yes
Silk 75 20 Silk Cloth yes
Leather Chest Light (no prefix) 79 8 Leather yes
Beast 84 12 Beast Leather yes
Vile 89 12 Vile Leather yes
Hardened Chest Light (no prefix) 88 12 Leather yes
Beast 93 12 Beast Leather yes
Vile 98 12 Vile Leather yes


Name Type Skill Materials
Bandana Head 25.0 4 Cloth
Bandit Hood Head 25.0 4 Cloth
Mage Hat Head 30.0 6 Cloth
Shorts Legs 10.0 4 Cloth
Apron Legs 15.0 5 Cloth
Skirt Legs 15.0 3 Cloth
Short Sleeve Shirt Torso 0.0 6 Cloth
Long Sleeve Shirt Torso 5.0 6 Cloth
Blacksmith Tunic Torso 20.0 8 Cloth
Cloak Torso 35.0 7 Cloth
Dress Torso 50.0 8 Cloth


Name Type Skill Material
Waterskin Tools 10 1 Leather

Pet Gear[]

Name Type Skill Material
Leather Saddle Horse, Bear, Llama 20 5 Leather
Leather Saddlebags Horse 60 15 Leather


Name Type Skill Material
Pouch Containers 10 1 Leather

NPC Trainers[]

The following NPCs can train your fabrication skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

Training Guides[]

Video Guides[]

Text Guide[]

  • If your skill is below 30.0 it's recommended that you do the Tailor introductory Profession quest, which will put your crafting skill to 30.0 and save you time and resources.
  • A general rule of thumb is to craft items which required skill is between 5.0 and 15.0 skill points below your current skill.
    You're able to gain skill on any item which isn't Trivial to make, meaning you have a 100% chance to craft the item. An item will start to get Trivial when your crafting skill is 25.0 points above the required skill level.
    To save on resources, craft the cheapest item within this skill span.
  • During your crafting sessions you should at all times check available work orders since these will grant you some resources, money and recipes.
    They're also a great way to clear out your storage space from the abundance of crafted items you'll be getting.
  • Another suggestion is to craft whatever items you're able to sell to other players at a profit, compare how often you're able to craft the item and the cost of the resource to the worth of the item.
Crafted Item Material Gain Range
Bolts of Cloth Cotton 0 - 10
Long Sleeve Shirt Cloth 10 - 30
Bandit Hood Cloth 30 - 50
Padded Helm Cloth 50 - 65
Linen Helm Cloth 65 - 74
Mage Robes Cloth 74 - 90
Hardened Helm Leather 90 - 100

Cicada's Skillgain Log (WIP)[]

I'll be loosely tracking my material use and items crafted from 30.0 through 100.0 (GM).

Note: This is not a pure min/max efficiency guide, as I am working Fabrication organically through work orders, and occasional grinding out of surplus mats. YMMV.

Cicada's Fabrication Skillgain Log
Material(s) Used Item(s) Crafted Skill Before Skill After Gain
1100 Bolts of Cloth Blacksmith Tunic

Mage Hat

30.0 36.8 +6.8
2000 Bolts of Cloth Bandit Hood

Mage Hat

36.8 49.0 +12.2
1000 Bolts of Cloth Bandit Hood

Mage Hat

Padded Helm

49.0 52.3 +3.3
50 Fluffy Cotton Quilted Cloth 52.3 53.1 +0.8

Running Tally of Resources Used[]

Fabrication — Resource Running Tally
Qty Material
50 Fluffy Cotton
2100 Bolt of Cloth
Quilted Cloth
Silk Cloth
Beast Leather
Vile Leather

Profession Guidett[]

Here are the steps to complete for each tier of the Tailor Profession:


Note: This step can be skipped through the profession panel if the player already has 30.0 or greater skill.

  • Speak to a Fabricator
  • Reward: Skill increase to 30.0 Fabrication


  • Speak to a Fabricator


Reward: Allows Crafting orders


  • Speedy Delivery

Make 2 sets of Quilted Padded Armor(Helm, Leggings, Chest)


  • Not enabled yet


  • Not enabled yet