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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.9.0.


The Fisher Profession is part of the profession system added in Point Release 7. It is designed to take you through the various stages of using the Fishing skill from being brand new to the skill to becoming a grandmaster*.

Skills Required[]

In order to progress through the Fisher profession you will require the following skills:

The Quest Line[]

There are 5 stages to the profession line Introduction, apprentice, Journeyman, Master and Grandmaster. Although if you already have a minimum of 30 skill in required skills you can skip the introduction quest.

Learn to Fish (Introduction)[]

The following quest can be skipped if you already have 30 in the Fishing Skill.

  1. Activate the profession via the professions UI.
  2. Speak to an NPC Fisher within Helm, Pyros' Landing or Valus.
  3. Obtain a Fishing Rod from a or Fishing Merchant in Pyros' Landing, Helm or Belhaven they will cost 100 Gold.
  4. Speak to a fisher
  5. Equip the Fishing Rod by double clicking on it or moving it on to your character window.
  6. Catch a fish by using he fishing skill at some water.
  7. Speak to a fisher


Once you have completed the quest you will be rewarded with up to 30 skill in Fishing

Fishing Celador (Apprentice)[]

You must have a minimum of 30 skill to start this quest.

  1. Begin the quest via the Professions UI.
  2. Speak to a Fisher in any of the main towns
  3. Catch 100 fish with the fishing skill
  4. Speak to a Fisher


When you complete the quest you will receive a Fishing Rod.


Catch 100 Spotted Tero Fish


Catch 50 Razor-Fish


Catch a Soaked map, speak to fisher trainer then discover the treasure behind the soaked map.