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In Legends of Aria, creating food is done through the Cooking skill using ingredients harvested from the land, purchased from NPC vendors, harvested off mobs, and occasionally dropped from mobs. Food items can provide a multitude of enhancements determined by the ingredients of the food. Some ingredients mix well with one another, others do not, resulting in amplified (or reduced) enhancements values.


Based on how full a player currently is, they may or may not be able to consume a food item given its filling level. Food has 6 levels of "fillingness":

  1. Snack - Currently can be eaten at any time regardless of fullness.
  2. Sustaining
  3. Filling
  4. Very Filling
  5. Extremely Filling
  6. Completely Filling

Buff duration[]

Filling level differs from, and is always longer than, the duration of the food's enhancements. This inherently creates a "down time" between buffs, which requires a bit more strategy with managing food consumption. There is no way to view the hungry/full timer, only the current level of hunger. Currently it is possible to always have some minor improvements active (2-5% healing, health regen, stamina regen, etc.) through snacks which can be eaten at any time.

Types of foods[]

All varieties of food are currently stews. Varieties are practically limitless, as there are no set recipes when cooking. Players are expected to experiment and test combinations until they create a set of benefits to their liking.

Currently, food items can increase (or decrease):

  • HP Regeneration Rate
    • Different ingredients will give you a % increase or flat numerical increase
  • Stamina Regeneration Rate
    • Currently only a flat numerical increase is possible
    • A % Increase is gained through one of the fish caught from fishing (at least it did previously in Shards Online)
  • Mana Regeneration Rate
    • Currently only a flat numerical increase is possible
  • Healing (% Increase only)
  • Magic Damage (% Increase only)
  • Melee Damage (% Increase only)