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Ghoul (rare)
Ghoul rare.png
Ghoul (rare)
Type Monster, Undead
Taming N/A
HP 300 (?)
Attack ???

"Rare Ghouls" (referred to as just Ghoul in-game) are rarely-spawning low level Champions that have been found in Valus Cementary. Rare Ghouls look identical to their regular counterpart, Ghouls, but can be identified by their orange-colored names and a gold border on their health bars. Rare Ghoul spawns randomly occur at areas that have ghoul spawns.

The rare Ghoul spawn has more hitpoints than the normal counterpart but does not seem to hit harder. Much like a normal ghoul, rare ghouls can use the bleed ability in combat.


When a Rare Ghoul is slain you have a chance to receive he following items:


Rare Ghouls may be found in the following locations:

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