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Godly Weapon Scroll
Godly Weapon Scroll
Allegiance Reward
Weight: 1
Sells for 50000 Talent

This item no longer exists, it was removed during early access.

Godly Weapon Scrolls were a reward purchased from the Allegiance Merchant using Talent. They were blessed.


Godly Weapon Scrolls could be used on a single weapon or shield of choice to grant a permanent increase to durability, a full repair, and blessed status. Godly weapon scrolls required a Militia rank of 7 to use, which meant that only the #1 player in the Militia may use them. It was single use. If the user wished to bless another weapon or shield, they had to purchase another scroll. When using these scrolls, the player was also able to rename the weapon.

After the removal of the Godly Weapon Scrolls, the items that had been blessed by those, have been partially reverted to their original status. They kept the double durability and the name but lost the blessed status.


Godly Weapon Scrolls were purchased from the Allegiance Merchant using Talent.


  • In Early Access v0.9.2, Godly Weapon Scrolls had their rank requirements temporarily removed. This allowed any Militia player to use these scrolls. This change was reverted in a hotfix several days later.
  • This item has been removed during Early Access and is no longer obtainable.

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