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Individual players can band together to form guilds. Eventually guilds will be able to hold territory on the frontiers of Celador and even form player towns.

Forming a guild[]

Purchase a guild charter from a trader in one of the major cities, for example in Valus.

You'll need a total a five players to sign the guild charter and be online to form the guild.


The Guild window can be accessed by clicking the "Guild" button on the Character window or by typing /guild. The Guild UI is divided into three tabs: Guild, Roster, and Allegiance.


On this tab, guildmasters can set a guild description and message of the day. There is a "Leave" button at the bottom for players who wish to leave the guild.


On this tab, players can view the guild roster. The roster includes player names, when they were online last, and their rank. Offline members can be toggled visible at the bottom of the window. Right-clicking on a player provides a menu of the following options:

  • Message
  • Invite to Group
  • Kick - Only accessible to officers and above?
  • Promote - Only accessible to officers and above?
  • Demote - Only accessible to officers and above?
  • Cancel

Guild Wars[]

Guilds can now declare war on each other using the guild menu. This was added to allow for more opportunities for consensual PvP. For more information on the system please see the Guild Wars page.


There are four ranks of guild members:

  • Member
  • Emissary
  • Officer
  • Guildmaster - More than one character can be the guildmaster.

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