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Halls Of Contempt Map Location


Halls of Contempt is a dungeon located in the Black Forest in Celador. It is comprised of 2 levels.

Level 1[]

Contempt Level1.jpg

The first level of Contempt is made up of 2 zones separated by a teleporter which you can use by double clicking on it. The zones are host to many Orks and a large grouping of trolls.

Level 1 A[]

  1. Entrance
  2. Ork Thrower, Ork
  3. Ork
  4. Teleport to Level 1/B
  5. Ork Thrower, Ork
  6. Ork Mage

Level 1 B[]

  1. Teleport to Level 1/A
  2. Ork
  3. Ork Lord, Troll, Ork
  4. Ork Thrower
  5. Ork Lord
  6. Ork
  7. Troll, Ork Mage, Ork Lord
  8. Entrance to Level 2

Level 2[]


The second level of Contempt is made up of one larger zone which is accessible via a set of stairs on the south side of level 1.

  1. Entrace to Level 1/B
  2. Wretch, Plump Maggot
  3. Warg, Alpha Warg, Feral Harpy, Plump Maggot
  4. Ogre, Wretch
  5. Ogre, Wretch
  6. Feral Harpy
  7. Warg, Alpha Warg, Feral Harpy, Troll, Wretch
  8. Ogre, Wretch. Plump Maggot. Ogre Brute

Other notes of Interest[]

Dungeon Chests can be found in both levels of the Halls of Contempt. These require the Lockpicking Skill to open and Lockpicks tool.