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Hardware Requirements [by Field of Use][]


system resources needed to run Shards Online for :
  • Game Clients (play)
  • Server Clients (host)

Playing (run the Game Client)[]

system info (minimum [720p] - average settings):
any 3-4year old PC (DualCore)
OS Windows..7/8/10
(preferably a dedicated grafics card)

eg: Core i-3 /AMD QuadCore, 4GB RAM , DX9.c Gfx-Card , HDD

system info (optimum [1080p] - max settings/ high res):
any newer PC (2013+)
OS Windows..7/8/10
medium-level grafics card (2013+)

eg: Core i-3 /AMD FX-series, 8GB RAM , DX11 Gfx-Card , SSD

Hosting a Shard/Cluster (Game Server)[]

have a look at Server Hardware