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The subject of this article is no longer obtainable or has been removed from the game.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorized.

Heavy Armor Proficiency was a combat skill that determined the effectiveness of armor worn by the player. The greater a player's skill was in Heavy Armor Proficiency, the more defense and critical hit reduction heavy armor provided.

General Info:

  • While wearing Heavy Armor agility stat is reduced when wearing heavy armor, but varies by type of armor worn. between -1 and -3 per piece.
  • Mana regeneration slows down drastically while wearing heavy armor, even a single piece.
  • You gain a % of the heavy armor based on your skill. At 50 skill your only gain half of what the armor provides at 100.
  • You can gain skill by fighting the level appropriate mobs and having them hit you.
  • Blocking & Healing are both good complimentary skills to Heavy Armor.

Heavy Armor Proficiency was removed from the game in Early Access v0.9.0.

NPC Trainers[]

The following NPCs used to train heavy armor proficiency skill to 30 for 3 Silver. In the current currency system, this would have cost 300 Gold.