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Hiding is a combat skill that determines how well a player can hide themself from the sight of others. Usage of Hiding grants players access to Stealth and allows them to sneak up on others. This allows a player to surprise attack foes and make better use of deadly weapon abilities like Stab.

To use the Hiding skill and attempt to hide, players must start by using the Hide ability. This Hide ability can be found within the character's skill book menu under Hiding.
Players may attempt to hide with a Hiding ability at any time or location as long as the ability is not on cooldown. Furthermore, players cannot attempt to hide if they are in close proximity to other players, NPCs, or mobs. Once successfully hidden, players can move in this hidden state using the Stealth skill. Movement while hidden or the ability to remain hidden is not determined by Hiding; it is determined by Stealth instead. Increases in skill points (or level ups) can occur whenever the player uses a Hiding Ability; this happens regardless of whether the attempt to hide is successful or not. Coming out of stealth/hiding or failing to hide will start the respective Hiding ability's cooldown before the player can hide again.

Hiding Abilities[ | ]

  • Hide - A low level ability that has no requirements to use. The chance to successfully hide with this ability varies with the user's Hiding Skill.
  • Vanish - A prestige ability that requires 100 Hiding and 100 Stealth. Using Vanish guarantees a successful hide attempt. In addition, any negative status effects such as Poison or Bleed are instantly removed.

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your hiding skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

Macro training[ | ]

  • /macro
  • put Hide in first slot
  • put your weapon/armour/ in second slot
  • put sleep in third slot and wait 10,000 ms
  • put RepeatEndless in fourth slot

This macro, will allow you to Hide, then equip or remove an item, breaking hide, and then wait until the cooldown is down, and then repeat. Find yourself a **safe** spot and activate, walk away, and when you come back, your skill will have leveled up a bunch. As a side not, you will stop gaining skill points if you stay in one place too long, make sure to move around every 10-15 minutes.