The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.9.0.

Horse (brown).png
Type Horse
Taming 29.1
HP 60bfr

Horse is a tameable animal that can be used as mount and can be equipped with Leather Saddlebags to store up to 400 stones of items.

Every major city with a stable master will have horses which can be bought for 500 Gold.png .

Explorers will quite often find horses around major cities and within most woodlands, and those with at least 29.1 Taming skill may be able to tame the horse, which can then be ridden or traded to other players.

While riding, nearly every skill or action will dismount players from their horse. Starting in Early Access v0.8.6, there is no cooldown for mounting a horse. However, there is a short (approximately 1.5 second) remount channel that can be easily interrupted.

Horses can be made into ethereal mounts by using an Etherealize Scroll, Etherealize Potion, or casting Etherealize on them. The horse only exists while being ridden but can "break" (presumably through durability).


See: Pet Commands

Attack: 5

Attack Speed: 2

Power: 4

Affinity: 0

Defense: 48


Archived Content

  • Prior to Early Access v0.8.6, horses could be "dismissed" which would turn them into a statue and return the horse to the player's backpack in the form of a statue. The statues were not removed from the game, but can no longer be created.
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