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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.9.0.

For an Interactive Map of Player Housing in the game, see: Player Houses

A promotional image of several housing types from the game's Alpha. Disclaimer: A few of the houses shown are no longer in the game.

Player Housing, also known as POH (Player Owned Housing), is a feature that allows players to place several of the different housing types on a housing plot. Players have complete control over the items placed in and around their house including furniture, crafting tools, and lockable storage containers.

Note: Players may have as many houses as they can fit on a single housing plot. However, only one housing plot is allowed per player account, i.e. for all her/his in-game characters. However, players will likely need significant space between the houses if they receive the error "There is already a house on this location". To mitigate this, players may need as much as 5 blocks distance between the houses.

Players that do not possess a Citizien pass or have a running premium account, will not be able to own a house or be added as friends or Co-Owners of other houses.

A player with a running Premium account will be able to control 2 housing plots at the same time. If the premium account expires, the second plot (based on creation date) will be immediately put to auction.

Housing Plot[ | ]

Players need to have a housing plot big enough to fit the house. A Land Deed is used to claim a piece of land and can be purchased from a carpenter shop for 2 Platinum 8000 Gold. Using a land deed to claim land will give you a 12x12 plot of land which can be resized for a cost.

Building a House[ | ]

To build a house, players will need a housing blueprint (which can be bought at a carpenter or architect shop in most towns) and a housing plot big enough to fit the house. Players will also need to ensure that their desired house location is unobstructed (does not have items or furniture on the ground). Be mindful of terrain as flowers and other items may display through the floor of a finished home.

Upon using a blueprint, a house foundation will spawn and must be provided with materials before it is fully built. Placing down the house foundation will consume the blueprint and render the foundation immovable.

Once the house foundation has been supplied with all its materials, the house will be fully constructed and usable.

Multiple houses can be placed on a single plot — at least 3 spaces are needed between two houses on the same plot.

Changing House Direction[ | ]

Right-clicking a blueprint allows players to choose which direction the built house will face.

Demolishing a House[ | ]

A player may reclaim the blueprint if they decide to relocate, reposition, or turn their home up until the time the construction is completed. However, any building materials spent on the house are lost.

To demolish a home, open the housing gump, select the "Manage" tab, then click "Destroy" and confirm on the popup. Alternatively, right-click the house's foundation and click "Destroy Foundation". The blueprint will be reclaimed, but any materials placed into the foundation will not.

Fully-built homes will not return blueprints or materials.

Taxation[ | ]

Houses are not subject to taxes, but the plot of land is. Gold can be added to the plot's tax balance from the mailbox, or at a bank.

Home Customization[ | ]

Double-clicking on the house sign opens the house control window. This allows players to rename or destroy their house, manage friends and co-owners, or adjust decoration placement.

Friends and Co-Owners[ | ]

Friends and Coowners

Through the house control window, you can add other players as friends or Co-Owners (they must possess the Citizien pass, or have a running premium subscription).

Friends can open the door of the house and can access the Secured Chests that have been tagged as "Access: Friends".

Co-owners can can open the door of the house and access all the Secured Chests. They can also access the house control window.

A player can be friend or Co-Owner of an unlimited number of houses.

Note: You don't need to make all your other characters Co-Owners of your house. The house is not property of a character, but is property of the account. As soon as you make an house, all the characters of that account are the Owners.

List of Houses[ | ]

Disambig This article is about a list of buildable houses. For houses to visit, see Player Houses.
# Name Group Size x Size y Brick Iron Wooden Boards Town Platinum Platinum Gold Gold LD* SC* House Model
1 Wood House 1 7 9 100 140 500 Common 4 5000 143 2
Wood house model
2 Wood House Cottage 2 13 15 400 400 1600 9 900 237 5
3 Wood House Mahogany 3 10 15 300 300 1200 Pyros' Landing 11 500 158 3
Wood house mahogany model
4 Wood House Birch 4 15 15 600 480 1800 19 5000 237 10
Wood house birch model
5 Wood House Mayor 5 22 17 1200 1200 4800 Belhaven 43 3200 363 15
Wood house mayor model
6 Wood House Tavern 6 23 23 2000 2000 8000 66 5200 508 20
Wood house tavern model
7 Tudor House Mahogany 3 10 15 300 300 1200 Eldeir Village 11 500 168 3
Tudor house mahogany model
8 Tudor House Birch 4 15 15 600 480 1800 19 5000 237 10
Tudor house birch model
9 Tudor House Mayor 5 22 17 1200 1200 4800 Trinit 43 3200 363 15
Tudor house mayor model
10 Tudor House Tavern 6 22 23 2000 2000 8000 66 5200 508 20
Tudor house tavern model
11 Stone House Tuscan 3 17 11 1500 380 400 Valus 11 500 185 5
12 Stone House Cottage 4 17 13 1800 440 400 19 5000 237 10
13 Stone House Villa 5 20 15 4800 1200 1200 Belhaven 43 3200 363 15
14 Stone House Estate 6 28 22 10000 2500 2500 66 5200 508 20
Stonehouseestate model
15 Terracotta Tuscan House 3 17 11 1500 380 400 Helm 11 500 210 5
Terracotta tuscan model
16 Terracotta Cottage 4 17 13 1800 440 400 19 5000 237 10
Terracotta cottage model
17 Terracotta House Villa 5 20 15 4800 1200 1200 Trinit 43 3200 363 15
Terracotta house villa model
18 Terracotta House Estate 6 28 22 10000 2500 2500 66 5200 508 20
Terracotta house estate model
19 Mage Grand Tower

(Can only face north or south!)

6 31 20 3000 3000 10000 Crafting orders - - 568 25
20 Tudor House Estate 6 25 28 3000 3000 12000 - - 568 25
21 Tundra Cottage

(must be placed in Frozen Tundra)

4 10 20 600 1800 700 Asper 11 500 237 10
22 Tundra House Tuscan

(must be placed in Frozen Tundra)

0 19 13 tba tba tba 19 5000 tba tba
23 Tundra House Estate

(must be placed in Frozen Tundra)

0 25 19 tba tba tba 62 5200 tba tba
24 Tundra House Villa

(must be placed in Frozen Tundra)

6 21 24 2400 2400 9000 Crafting orders - - 550 22

*LD: Lockdown limit
*SC Secure container limit
tba: To be added

Plot and House Features[ | ]

Lockdowns[ | ]

Lockdowns are assigned based on plot size. The larger the plot, the more Lockdowns are allowed. Lockdowns are managed through the Plot Management Window. When an item is placed on the ground somewhere within the plot's boundaries, players can lock the item down to prevent theft and automatic removal by the game engine. Locked down items can not be assigned for sale by a Merchant.

Secure Containers[ | ]

Secure Options

One of the greatest benefits of owning a house is represented by the Secure Containers. Locking any kind of container (Chests, pouches, wardrobes, lockboxes, crates...) inside the house will immediately turn it into a Secure Container. Secure Containers can be accessed only by the Owner and by the Co-Owners.

Right-clicking a secure container will open a contestual menu, from where you will be able to set a Secure Container secure options. It can be either Owners or Friends. If it is Friends, the players that you defined as Friends from the house controls will be able to open that container.

Secure Containers are assigned based on house size. More expensive houses allow more Secure Containers.

Containers that exceed this limit can still be placed, but must be locked with a key to keep them from being freely looted. They can be lockpicked.

NOTE: May have worked previously but as of 12/16/2020 this did not work for me when I tested it.

Vendors[ | ]

Players are able to recruit NPC vendors from a local town to sell their goods. Vendors will agree to work for a player for 100 Gold, plus 10% of the profit. Vendors can follow you through a portal within the region it is currently in but they will not follow through gates, nor portals that are outside of the current region. Vendors are primarily meant to be placed outside, as houses are generally locked, and containers are considered secured. For more detailed information, see the Merchant page.

Videos[ | ]