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Inscription is a trade skill and allows creation of spell scrolls, spellbooks, and books.

Unlike the crafting skills Carpentry and Blacksmithing, recipes do not need to be obtained for Inscription. All items that can be crafted are always available (provided the player has enough skill points and materials). Furthermore, all crafted spell scrolls are identical. The Inscription skill only dictates what scrolls may be crafted and the chance at which scrolls are successfully crafted.

To Inscribe, players must obtain scrolls and reagents. Players must then head to an Inscription Table. Inscription Tables may be found at Scribe shops or may be crafted through Carpentry.
Players may then interact with the Inscription Table and select which spell scroll they wish to craft. If the player has enough skill points and the correct ingredients, the player character will then enter a crafting animation. Once the crafting animation ends, the game will perform an RNG (random number generator) skill check to see if the player character succeeds. If they do, the scroll will be placed into their inventory.
Players can earn skill points during crafting, regardless of success or failure.

Crafted items[ | ]

Scrolls[ | ]

Spell Scroll Min. Skill Scroll Reagents Reagent Cost
Refresh Scroll 0 Frayed Ginseng x 1 4 Gold
Heal Scroll 0 Blank Ginseng x 1 4 Gold
Ruin Scroll 0 Frayed Lemon Grass x 2 8 Gold
Mana Missile Scroll 0 Blank Lemon Grass x 1 4 Gold
Cure Scroll 0 Blank Ginseng x 1 4 Gold
Infuse Scroll 0 Frayed Ginseng x 1 4 Gold
Poison Scroll 3.5 Frayed Mushroom x 1 5 Gold
Teleport Scroll 3.5 Frayed Ginseng x 2 8 Gold
Fireball Scroll 3.5 Blank Lemon Grass x 1 4 Gold
Lightning Scroll 17.8 Fine Moss x 2 8 Gold
Greater Heal Scroll 17.8 Fine Ginseng x 2 8 Gold
Wall of Fire Scroll 17.8 Fine Lemon Grass x 2 10 Gold
Frost Scroll 46.4 Ancient Moss x 2 10 Gold
Rock Bombardment Scroll 46.4 Fine Mushroom x 2 10 Gold
Mark Scroll 46.4 Ancient Moss x 2 10 Gold
Cloak Scroll 46.4 Fine Mushroom x 2 10 Gold
Energy Bolt Scroll 46.4 Fine Moss x 2 10 Gold
Charge Runebook Scroll 46.4 Ancient Magical Essence
Summon Mount Scroll 60.7 Ancient - -
Meteor Scroll 60.7 Ancient Lemon Grass x 2 8 Gold
Resurrection Scroll 60.7 Ancient Moss x 2 10 Gold
Portal Scroll 75 Ancient Moss x 2 8 Gold
Earthquake Scroll 75 Ancient Lemon Grass x 2 10 Gold
Ward: Evil Scroll 75 Ancient Ginseng x 2 18 Gold
Lemon Grass
Ward: Hidden Scroll 75 Ancient Moss x 2 20 Gold
Lemon Grass x2

Spellbooks[ | ]

Item Min. Skill Material
Spellbook 15 10 Frayed Scrolls, 1 Ancient Scroll, 5 Fine Scrolls

Books[ | ]

Item Min. Skill Material
Book* 0 10 Blank Scrolls
Runebook 60 10 Ancient Scrolls

*Note: Books come in 3 variations: Red, Green, or Blue)

Tips[ | ]

General Information:

  • Blank Scrolls restock at vendors every 30 minutes.
  • Be aware that though blank scrolls may stack, their weight is 1 per scroll.
  • Staff crafting is listed in the Inscription GUI but is presently unavailable for players.
  • Once a Scribe completes their profession quests for Inscription, they will gain prestige traits that will allow them to efficiently use their scrolls for combat—an alternative to Magery.
  • The Spell Power gained from Inscription, accessible after completing Inscription's profession quests, can Magery-oriented builds.

Scroll Drop Locations:

  • Frayed Scrolls are often found on low-level casters, such as Goblin Shamans.
  • Blank Scrolls can be bought for 10 copper at Inscription Vendors in town.
  • Fine Scrolls drop from higher-level casters such as Bone Magi found at Ruined Towns.
  • Ancient Scrolls drop from high-level creatures, such as Gazer and Lich Lords.

Training guide[ | ]

Note: Crafting successfully or unsuccessfully seem to have the same rate of gains. Crafting becomes trivial 50.1 points after the minimum crafting skill. Each 0.1 skill gain increases chance of successly craft by 0.2%

  1. It is cheaper to simply pay a scribe NPC 300 Gold and train the skill up to 30.0 than trying to farm frayed scrolls.
  2. From 30 to 53.5, you can easily buy Blank Scrolls and make Fireball Scrolls.
  3. 53.5 to 60, make Lightning, Greater Heal, or Wall of Fire. Wall of Fire has a slightly higher cost than the others.
  4. From 60 to 85, you can make Rock Bombardment, Energy Bolt, or Cloak. In theory, you can gain all the way to 96.4, but keep in mind that the aforementioned spells use Fine Scrolls. This means that you will either need to buy scrolls from players (in-game or through a third-party chat/discussion forum) or farm them yourself by fighting casters such as Bone Magi. After 80 the gains slow down quite a bit, and you can choose to make Resurrect or Meteor instead using Ancient Scrolls if you like.
  5. At 90+ skill you're able to consistently craft the higher-end spells (Meteor, Earthquake, Portal, Ward Evil, and Resurrection) using Ancient Scrolls.

Cicada's Skillgain Log/Training Guide[ | ]

Reagents Used Item(s) Crafted Starting Skill Ending Skill Gain Reagent Cost
100 Fine Scrolls

66 Ginseng

62 Lemon Grass

60 Moss

Lightning Scroll

Greater Heal Scroll

Wall of Fire Scroll

30.0 33.5 +3.5 812 Gold

NPC Trainers[ | ]

The following NPCs can train your inscription skill to 30 for 3 Silver:

Profession Guide[ | ]

Here are the steps to complete for each tier of the Scribe Profession:

Chapter One (Apprentice)[ | ]

Reward: 50 Frayed Scroll

Fire & Brimstone (Journeyman)[ | ]

Master[ | ]

Grandmaster[ | ]