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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.2.

Type Trainer and Vendor
Location Pyros Landing
Trains skills Archery, Carpentry and Lumberjack

Issac is a woodsmith NPC located in Pyros Landing and Helm. He is a vendor, skill trainer and gives crafting orders to carpenters who ask. Isaac will provide crafting orders with a cooldown of 30 minutes.

Shop Items[]

Issac sells the following items:

Item Category Unit Price Max Stack
Arrows Ammuniton 1 Gold 999
Bind Stone Hearthstone 10 Platinum
Land Deed Housing 5 Platinum 6000 Gold
Wood House Blueprint 4 Platinum 5000 Gold
Wood House Cottage Blueprint 9 Platinum 900 Gold
Wood House Mahogany blueprint 11 Platinum 500 Gold
Wood House Birch blueprint 19 Platinum 5000 Gold
Crook Tools 20 Gold
Short Bow Weapons 20 Gold

Skill Training[]

Issac can train you up to 30 points in the following skills for 300 Gold each: