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The League of Explorers, located in the southeastern edge of Pyros' Landing, is one of four Leagues of Celador.


The Explorers offer quests related to PvE and Dungeons. Upon completion of a quest, a player is rewarded with favor. Once enough favor is accumulated, players can exchange it for unique and valuable items.

Jonus will grant missions when interacted with. Darius can be stubborn and withholding of available quests and sometimes needs to be spoken with repeatedly.

Yoden will exchange favor earned for items.


Quest Required Kill Location Favor
Azura's Chosen Slay Azura's High Priestess Temple of Azura 500
Belgae War Plans Slay the Belgae Warmaster Barbarian Encampment 500
Unwelcomed Guests 20 Yeti Valdheim Ruins 200
Grave Tidings Slay the Frozen Skeleton Grave Lake 200
Feeding Time Slay the Overfed Drone The Hot Springs 200
Blood Rage Slay the Enraged Yeti Everfrost Cavern 200

Explorer Items[]

Item Cost Description
Explorer's Ring 36000 A ring that grants +10 Health, 10% Increased Attack Speed, 15% Increased Attack, and +30 Healing Received
Explorer Hair Dye 8000 A single use, exclusive hair dye
Explorer Cloth Dye 8000 A unique cloth dye
Explorer Leather Dye 8000 A unique leather dye
Explorer Cloak 18000 A unique cloak
Title Scroll: The Pioneer 24000 A scroll that unlocks the title 'The Pioneer'
Explorer's Ice-Covered Shield 36000 A shield that grants 10% Spell Block, 10% Ranged Resistance, 10% chance to Clearcast , and +2 Spell Power